Tired of "POP-UPS" making your screen go wild?
Here is a simple Fix

This is my way of saying "thank you" for all the asistance so many of you have given me  @^_^@
Teri uses AOL service to test our websites.  AOL is different from Netscape and Internet Explorer in many ways. I must say that since Netscape's joining with AOL their browser has improved tremendously.  However, one thing that frustrates users is it's reaction to a "new windows" opening when you click on a hyperlink.  While the other current browsers keep the original window at full size and the new window at partial screen size, AOL changes the original window to a partial screen size as well, making the screen do an irritating "Jump."

Here is simple fix.  Make your current screen technically a partial screen window but sized to the same dimensions as a full window. Here is how. Click on the center button in the far top-right corner of your viewing screen (not your full monitor screen)You window should now be smaller.  Point your cursor just below the top edge of the smaller window.  Click on the LEFT mouse button and hold while you move the window to the top-left of the viewing area and release. Now point cursor at the bottom-right edge of the window. Wait until it shows a double arrow pointing diagonally and click and hold the left mouse button again. While holding the left mouse button, drag the windows edge to the bottom-right corner of your screen and release. Your window should be the same size as it was before we started but your AOL browser considers it a partial window . Now when a new window opens you should not experience the "jump."   @^_^@    Here is a test; click HERE.







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