Understanding is the key to a happy relationship
So many courtships between Filipina and Western gentlemen end in heartbreak for no good reason - simple misunderstandings.  Well, maybe not so simple, but most are easily avoidable.  That is why frank and detailed insights into courtship from our perspective are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  I have spent over a year researching and writing a book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered personal information that I now reveal to you.  I have answered the many questions you have ask me this past year.  CLICK here for short list of questions I answer.   Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure!  

When my American friend calls me now, I don't feel guilty about talking for a long period of time.  Long conversations help me understand a person better. They run out of "small talk" and start sharing serious feelings. 

College Graduates

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Everyone tells me this is the best book available on "real world" Filipino culture

Direct link to the book, the author comes pretty close to the reality our culture.


Another excellent guide book to the Philippines

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This book is a first hand guide from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living in or even just visiting the Philippines

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  Me trying on some HIGH heels and walking-dancing in them in my DVD.  CLICK for more pictures
I bet you can guess whose legs these are ;-)

All Ladies listed in this section live in the Philippines unless stated otherwise

Thanks for considering my college friends.  Click on my picture to go to address request page.

Make a note of the name and profile number of interesting Ladies, then send me your list requesting their addresses.

Tell me a little about yourself and send a picture if you can.  I have friends that prefer not being listed, tQQ  ^_^

Only Ladies featured in the Filipina Theater,  Section I,  have passed the medical & background checks

rosario21_5-4_105t.jpg (6931 bytes)
Call Rose for only 16 per minute

C1115      Rosario (Rose) Cunanan         5'4"  105lbs

Rose is single with no children.   Her DOB is 2 Nov. 78.   She is a college graduate with a degree in Computer Science.  She is currently employed as a secretary.   Rose has enjoyed participating in beauty contests (see big picture).   She likes watching television, dancing, writing friends, and swimming.   She is a Roman Catholic.  Rose is looking for most of all an honest and understanding man!  But most of all a man that is a one woman man who will be faithful to his marriage vows.  She wants that she and her husband will work together in their marriage for a wonderful future for themselves and their children.   NOW   Married


sweet20_5-4_117p.jpg (7191 bytes)

#C1116    Sweet Reganit      5'4"  117lbs

Sweet is Christian and attends a Protestant church.  She is single with no children. She enjoys reading, television and cooking.  She is a college graduate - Tourism,   but is currently unemployed.  She was born 30 March 79.   Sweet wants to meet a man who has not previously been married before and who has no children.    He should preferably be a non-smoker and moderate drinker of alcohol.


#C1117    Cynthia M Cardinal     5'2"   95lbs.

Cynthia is a teacher like me.  She teaches elementary grades and, of course, is a college graduate.  Her English is very good.  She is Catholic but will seriously consider men of other faiths.  She does ask that he be a Christian.   She lives in Sarangani Province, Philippines.  Never married and has no children but likes children very much and will consider men that have current children if judge say divorce is final.  She enjoys riding her bike many places and is very good at cross-stitching.  She also enjoys soft music and American TV programs.  All she asks is man love her truly and show proper respect.  Age not very important but not fat please.     date of birth: September 24, 1965


(pic removed)

#C1118    Lea      NoW  Engaged     

Lea is a college graduate.  Her post graduate training is as a nurse.  She is relative of my friend and she already has relative in USA.  She has email.  If you feel she is a good match for you send her a letter right now at:  _____  If you not know what to say read my sample penpal letter at: Sample letter  Lea prefers a man over age 30 that is clean shaven (no mustache please :-)  I will also give you her telephone number and mailing address, but please only call if sincere, OK!

Telephone:  (ask her for number in your email
Call her for only 5 to 16 per minute

There are several dozen more women posted in my Yahoo Group, Filipina Courtship Secrets and you are welcome to join free.  Their pictures and addresses (many have email & phone # listed) are in the "Photos" section.  I did not personally post them, nor do I know them, but comments from members have been very positive.  I, of course, remove any that have negative feedback.

I do my best to serve you.

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