FilipinaLadies is a year old specialized introduction service based in Cebu, PI.  They only list Filipinas with most living in Cebu, but also many from other provinces.  The photos are excellent and ladies telephone numbers are available to members.  Their email forwarding service is great and they have snail mail forwarding if you want them to include a return postage paid envelope for the lady to use.  They also have a section where you can pay to place your ad.   Go_Direct A Foreign Affair is proof one company can be "ALL things for ALL people:" Express e-mail, thousands of picture profiles & addresses, many tours & services.   Considering what you receive, their prices are very reasonable; why join three or more agencies to have access to less.  Their Platinum subscription is by far the best deal.   More Details

Emelyn_25_5-1_100lbs   Hi, this is my 1st time on any service and I seek nice man, any age.Emelyn is a Special lady
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Cariño Connection is the best Hispanic service on the net.  Personal Ads, Chat Rooms, a Newsletter that highlights new members meeting your preference criteria.  It is a part of the highly acclaimed Latino Link Site. Avoid the monthly membership rate by getting at least the 3 month Plan (much less) & take care to place your ad correctly as they charge to make changes.  Most ads seem to be from the USA.  ALL have email.  Get your free email address.  Details  

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Asia Ladies has many pretty Filipina Ladies along with Thai and Indonesian ladies also. Easy search engine with great activity / interest matching feature.  It is a simple site, much easier to find your way than my site  ;-)
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A Foreign Affair also takes tours to the Philippines and has thousands of Filipina / Asians listed.  If you only join one service, this is the one. 
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One & Only -  A great search engine is available to select just the right location, age, size, photo, etc. you desire from tens of thousands of profiles.  Their matchmaking newsletter is great.
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You can  sign-up to resell the service and earn commissions.  If you decide to be an "associate", please do so from this link $$$ so I can  continue to provide the FREE addresses and information for you on this site.  In fact, just before you sign-up / buy anything re-use my link to make sure it wasn't dropped as you looked around their site.

Alternative Connections - Use the search engine to find the preference, interest, fetish, age, location, etc. from thousands of profiles.  Many with photos. It is not as strange as it sounds, just a little sexier.   Go Direct

Unlimited free cards.  The Best ones!!!  Runs right on the recipient's computer, they don't have to go to some site with a mile long code.  Courtesy og


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Call Philippines  26¢ Call Russia only 12¢ NO CONNECT FEES Hong Kong only 8¢ USA 24/7 6.9¢  NO fee NO CONNECT FEES
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A Pretty Woman specializes in Eastern block (Russia+) Ladies - over 1000 -  and has a good search engine to save you time.  They have an interesting ad program for men - sending thousands of letters to Russian women & is included in their membership fees.  Most of the Ladies have a phone.   More Details

A Foreign Affair also takes tours to South America. If you are seeking a non Americanized Latin Lady, this is a good approach.

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Cherry Blossoms started it all over 26 years ago with its picture magazine.  Over the years some 26,000 client couples have married.  Currently with over 14,000   single women listed they probably are the World's #1 International Introduction Service.  Go Direct Singlesonline has 25,000 members, mostly US and Canadian - only 20 from Philippines but with email.  It has all the bells and whisles.
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Heart of Asia is a very professional site with a highly effective profile search & tour approach to introductions. You purchase addresses in packages as low as $2 each, then write to ladies of choice anywhere in the world.
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Info on Philippines, Hong Kong, Immigration, Proper Gift Giving, Filipina Telephone Courtesies
Tours to Philippines
Heart of Asia is another large well designed site with 1,000s of ladies you may write. Addresses less than $3 in quantity.   A must see.
Send Flowers to Asia

4*Personals is a pretty, romantic site with listings from all over the world, but most are from USA & Russia.  Chat,  Search engine, useful information and very reasonably priced.  Place your personal ad FREE.  Lots of links.
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Business opportunities that are FREE to start & really work

Secret   Plan  for  Successful  Overseas  Courtship

Tips on sending Gifts Telephone curtesies

Identify good match, then send Letter, then Card, then Call, then Love Song, then Letter, then Card, then Perfume, then Card, then Call, then Letter, then Poetry, then Call, then Letter, then Flowers, then Call, then Travel Video, then Letter, then Call, then Background & Medical Checks, then You, then VISA, then Wedding Gown, then Lovers Toys, then Flowers for sure!

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