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Recently, there are problems regarding China Airlines and Eva Airlines. The latest is that The Philippines Government stopped all PAL flights to and from TPE-MLA for a while. They wanted a new agreement to limit the number of passengers per week from 9,000 to 3,000 for each of these airlines. Recently, both airlines had no landing rights at all, and all current bookings were being re-routed mainly with Cathay Pacific out of TPE and HK. Those looking for flights, should fly with Northwest, Continental, Korean and Asiana out of the States and Lufthansa, KLM, and BA out of Europe.  Check with a good  TRAVEL AGENCY as situation changes all time.

If you do not want to deal with Manila airport, try Cebu.  Cathay Pacific has a good deal that goes to Hong Kong and then Cebu.

Here are some examples of flights: Specials To Manila for Fall 1999
China Air: Almost always the Cheapest way to go. (check before booking on current situation) West Coast Starts at $650.00 Midwest Region from $785.00 Lower East Coast from $850.00 Atlantic Seaboard from $875.00 Upper Atlantic/Great Lakes Region from $750.00-$985.00
Eva Air: A popular airline to Asia (Evergreen Deluxe Seating Rules) (check before booking on latest situation) West Coast: $675.00 Midwest: $825.00 East Coast: $955.00
Philippine Airlines: some RT fares to Manila from LAX, SFO for under $500.00 West Coast: from $600.00 East Coast: from $975.00
Northwest Airlines: Best Connections with a good Frequent Flyer program. West Coast from $675.00 Midwest from $750.00 MidAtlantic from $785.00 Upper East Coast $ 825.00 Lower East Coast from $985.00