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AutoXray's EZ-Scan 6000
The EZ-Scan 6000 is AutoXray 's top of the line scan tool.Provides pending code data 
     notifying you of potential problems 
The EZ-Scan 6000 is AutoXray 's top of the line scan tool.Updateable via internet 
The EZ-Scan 6000 is AutoXray 's top of the line scan tool.Reads and erases codes 
The EZ-Scan 6000 is AutoXray 's top of the line scan tool.On screen code definitions (DTCs) 
The EZ-Scan 6000 is AutoXray 's top of the line scan tool.Displays emissions status

Top Brand Reliability
Low Price Feature Rich

The EZ-Scan 6000 is AutoXray's top of the line scan tool. Perfect for the technician looking for advanced technology while still being easy on the wallet. OBD-I and OBD-II scanner including all OBD-II protocols and the newly released Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol. '83 to current domestic; '96 to current Asian import coverage. OBD-II Enhanced data for GM, Ford, and Toyota as well as the included EZ-PC software allows you to graph, chart and save data on your PC. Annual vehicle software updates are always free and easy via Internet download. Includes: 6000 Scanner, GM OBD-I Cable, Ford OBD-I Cable, Chrysler OBD-I Cable, OBD-II Cable, OBD-II MFG Specific Cable, EZ-PC software, molded case for scanner and cables, users manual, and a 3 year warranty.


AutoXray OBD I and OBD II Scanner — EZ Scan 6000


The Next Generation of Automotive Scanners from AutoXray
  • 8-line display 128 x 64 pixel screen
  • Backlit, 32-step contrasts and control display
  • 4 AA battery powered (included)
  • Data-Save & Auto-Off
  • Real-time operating system
  • Flash updatable applications
  • Scan collects all values from vehicle's on-board computer
  • Detects trouble and pending codes and defines them in English
  • Detects OBD-II Freeze Frame information
  • Displays Readiness Test Status
  • Displays O2 sensor test
  • Test results (mode 6)
  • Vehicle ID (mode 9)
  • Set measurement units in SAE or Metric
  • Live data stream monitoring
  • 29-frame capture mode
  • Set capture frame interval from 0500MS to 5000MS
  • Reset Check Engine lights
  • Quick Step™ data navigation
  • Customize data views
  • OBD-II enhanced for GM, Ford & Toyota.
  • EZ-PC Software
  • Archive scan & capture data
  • Prints reports

Features + Specifications

For 1983-current domestic and 1996-current import vehicles
OBD-I domestic support: GM 12- and 16-pin ALDL, Ford-EEC IV, Chrysler-SCI
OBD-II protocol support: CAN, VPW, PWM, 9141, Keyword 2000
OBD-II generic: OBD-II GM manufacturer specific
OBD-II enhanced: GM, Ford, and Toyota
Includes hard carrying case, manual, EZ-Update 400 and EZ-PC500 Sotware


Reports from friends say all the scans worked well. However, not all the scans gave all the information expected as it is VERY vehicle dependent. Some give a lot of information, and some give very little. All require a (REAL) vehicle shop manual. Although the codes are given in English description, the values given mean nothing if one doesn't know what the correct value is supposed to be! The same goes for reading various "Live data" in the Monitor mode. It's ALL meaningless unless you already KNOW what the readings should be!

The "PC" program installed without problems. You should be aware that the scanner connects to your PC via the old "Comm" ports, You know, Com 1,2,3,4... If you have no "com" ports available, your best solution to this Com port issue is to get a "Belkin" Serial to USB adapter and install it. It provided a "Virtual Serial Port" via USB. This solution works fine in most cases.

The PC program provides a "Report" type screen with the data lined up as a summary report. Nothing fancy. No frills, no graphics. Just a way to store the data that was scanned.

My bottom line: Don't expect this tool to fix your car. You need real technical information about your car AND a healthy background in technical abilities. That said it is the best scanner for the money.  The best price is through I use them for a lot of stuff these days and have had excellent experience with Amazon  
Also the Actron CP9145 AutoScanner Diagnostic Code Scanner with Live, Record and Playback Data Capability for OBDII is also great and dirt cheap  DETAILS


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