Protect Yourself against giving your time & “heart”Filipina helping filipinas by introductions, personals, searches, background checks, verifications, information on culture, gift giving, telephone calls, and country info on philippines. only to find out after you travel to Asia the lady you love has a criminal record, a serious illness, or an undisclosed marriage & can not qualify for an immigration  VISA.   Write these sincere ladies that have passed formal background checks.

Remember most Filipina never list with any introduction service and can only be reached by ads, personal searches or tours. - - The Filipina I have listed are the best of the best.  They are young, loving and sincere women who have passed formal background checks.I truly believe Filipinas (OCW) working and living in other countries, especially Hong Kong, make the best wives.  We have gained enormous experience by living abroad even though we live in a very strict situation with the Chinese families.  Most of us are college educated and are the "Choice Ladies" by the Chinese employers. We have already adjusted to living away from our home town and family.  We have seen  and experienced more of the Western culture, which better prepares us to live in your country.  We are accustomed to working very hard six days a week.  As Nannies and domestic helpers we are experienced in running a household.  We know the proper care of children, cooking, preparing for family gatherings and parties, cleaning, sewing, shopping, dealing with schools, merchants, etc.  We can cook a wide variety of foods.  I  know I have learned and matured a tremendous amount since I have lived in Hong Kong while retaining my traditional Philippine values.  And these most sincere Ladies in SECTION I  have passed formal medical & background checks.  

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So, what is the best way to meet these "choice ladies"?     Here is a very workable three way approach.  
1st - I will provide you with their original two page applications (SAMPLE), with contains very personal information plus all the contact information they provided (telephone, email, home address) for ALL* the Filipina passing the background checks  (SECTION_ I ) for a full year.  I have been told these are the most valuable addresses on the internet and I should sell them for 
$10 to $20 each.  I agree about being the highest value as they are sincere, honest, speak good to excellent American English and have passed the formal background checks.  However, I personally feel you need to get to know several women to find the right one for you so $20 or even $10 or $5 per address is tooooo expensive.  If you want to spend much money it is better to request "
Personal_Search" service.                                    NOTE: See New Law Restrictions
2nd - to allow you to have many well educated Filipinas write to you I believe it is wise to place a personal ad in a popular English language newspaper read by many of the 100,000+  single Filipina Oversea Contract Workers living in Hong Kong.  I will have your ad published in less than 10 days and it will run for two full weeks.  You may use 30 words (I will help with wording if you like) plus your E-mail & postal mailing addresses.  Almost all of the ads are in English.  Most agencies charge you $75 to $179 just for this.  Even I charge $45 to place an ad, so this truly is excellent value.  
3rd - avoid costly mistakes by reading the valuable information in my e-book  Filipina Courtship Secrets.
So, I believe I offer Great Value in this Practical Plan to find your Filipina lover & wife.  For only $79.95US you get 
ALL their information,
a 30 word personal ad in popular Asian newspaper for 14 days, 
PLUS a year's access to my e-book 
Filipina Courtship Secrets.     Order Now   and
I will even apply $50 toward a future purchase of  Personal Search Service or Tour to Philippines

You can send money by credit card,  email, or electronic check and be reading my book and the girls original questionnaires today. 

 Please email Jean if you use snail mail to send check, OK? 

BONUS You will also see the original application questionnaires
for SECTION II women that completed one.
Telephone numbers & E-mail address are on applications
Personal ads are not allowed in the Philippines because it is against the law.  But I can (legally) place your personal ad in a popular English language newspaper printed in Hong Kong, which is read by many of the over 100,000 Filipina living there.  I truly believe Filipinas living in Hong Kong make the best wives for all the reasons I mentioned earlier plus we live in the most "Western" of Asian cities.  We often deal with English (British) merchants.   Want just an ad?       Click here for FREE Gift.

* Almost all  SECTION I  women completed the formal application.  Also as a BONUS, I include the applications for  SECTION II  women that completed one giving you their phone numbers, email & more.  You get all the information they provided.

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*You are really getting to see the SECTION I choice ladies original applications for only $10.  ($79.95 minus $70 for Book & Personal Ad purchased separately)