Introduction Brochure

My partner Teri and her Dad make the brochures.

front-72-500w.jpg (2253 bytes)

Order be emailing request to me.  How many would you like?  How many pictures do you want to use?

We make picture a little fuzzy on purpose to protect privacy of client.

8.5 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide

All 4 pages in color

When I use the brochure during a personal search, I first determine if the Lady matches your search requirements.   Then I use the brochure to discuss your personality and attitudes about life with her.   Only if there is an interest on her part do I give her the brochure.

The Filipina community is made up of many small circles of relationships.  If lady says she knows a good match for your requirements, I will give her brochure to give to her friend who I probably would never meet personally.  So while search is focused on your desires, you get large exposure among ladies who probably would never use a Introduction Service.

Secret to Successful Overseas Courtship

Send Letter, then Card, then Call, then Love Song, then Letter, then Card, then Perfume, then Card, then Call, then Letter, then Poetry, then Call, then Letter, then Flowers, then Call, then Travel Video, then Letter, then Call, then You, then VISA, then Wedding Gown, then Lovers Toys, then Flowers for sure!