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Frank and detailed insights into courtship from our perspective are so important for you to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  During my  "Personal Searches"  I have gathered great information to share with you.

Thank you for visiting my website.  I am so glad you found my friends of interest.   I hope you decide to write several, so, schedule some time to write every week. Send you letters soon!   


Remember to see the sincere ladies that passed the formal background checks.   List of checks.

This was made for just us to remember each other, but after many requests we decide to make it available for you to see.  We did not edit out the embarrassing moments so please realize we just kidding around.  Jean

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  4. Any success stories of friends or details of trips to Philippines and your reaction to our culture?
  5. Any ideas on how I can improve my business?                       I enjoy your pictures but
  6. You would buy _____ if it was available on my site?              Please do NOT attach files larger than 75k*
  7. If you know lady that should be posted on website, print out application for her.  Page 1   Page 2
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