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 Filipina address   to   Filipina penpal   to   Filipina girlfriend
 Filipina fiancée  to  Filipina bride to  Filipina wife in your home 

are many steps you must make successfully.

In foreign courtships "knowledge is power" for sure and dramatically helps to avoid and overcome issues that arise.  In my book I give you needed knowledge for each step of the way plus links to the best sites on the internet that would take you many months to find on your own.  Also, I have found that too many courtships between Filipina and Western gentlemen end in heartbreak for no good reason - simple misunderstandings.  Well, maybe not so simple, but most are easily avoidable.   
That is why frank and detailed insights into my Filipino culture are so important for Western gentlemen to successfully avoid misunderstandings during courtship with my sister Filipina.  I have spent over three years researching and writing a personal book, Filipina Courtship Secrets.   As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have gathered great information to share with you.  Of course, being a native Filipina having experienced several unsuccessful courtships with European and American men and now a successful one, I have much to share from my experiences as well.  And I do, even though much is quite embarrassing. Intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - that is for sure!  

I truly believe you will agree it is worth much more.  Read my personal guarantee.  JeanI thank everyone for their assistance in researching, writing and programming my book Filipina Courtship Secrets.   It is amazing what I have learned in the process.  It was decided to make it an electronic book so I could continue to update and add to it's contents.  The popular price includes over a year of unlimited access to the many password protected web-pages.  I offer  Filipina Courtship Secrets  for only $14.95 (current content)  or $24.95 including over a year of updates and additions and a BONUS worth $35 ($84 by US marketing methods ;-)  Read more about its contents on next page.   I truly believe you will agree it is worth much more.  Jean   
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