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Hi Jean,

Wow, your book has so much information in it. What a bargain! I'm really impressed by the work you have put into this site.

Hello Jean,

To answer your question, I received a letter from Ranilla almost the next day but have not heard from her in over a month. Nancy did introduce me to a friend of hers, I have had several letters from her and have called her 3-4 times and she has called me a couple of times. I did get a card from Teresa.  I have heard nothing from Helen.

Thank you for your information in the book. It has helped me to understand some of the information I have received.

 Yours in Christ Jesus


There is always much to learn and I am thankful that people like you are here to help.  Trust me, you're providing a wonderful service. 


I had a chance to visit your ebook and everything seemed ok, I had no problems navigating around. Your content is great, all categories are comprehensive and very valuable. I am glad to have an opportunity to have access to this information.
22 Oct. 

Hi Jean: 

Thanks for the updated password for your great e-book- I've been enjoying reading it very much and have learned a great deal about Filipinas from it. I hope that you can help me find the right Filipina for me. I hope that you've received my photos okay- I'm concerned about it because it's the first time I've tried to send a scanned item and I sent it at a local computer/print shop. Hope I didn't mess it up! 

Thanks again for your help and advice! 

First, let me say that I have enjoyed reading your ebook very much and have gotten much valuable information from it concerning one of the world's most fascinating topics for me: FILIPINAS!

Thanks for your E-book web site!  American men really need your insight ... especially ME!


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