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CALL  Russia 6˘ - Philippines 9˘ - South America 5˘ - Hong Kong 3˘
United States  3.4˘  24/No fees        ~!~        Unlimited Long Distance in USA  is proof one company can be "ALL things for ALL people:" Express e-mail, thousands of picture profiles & addresses, many tours, dozens of pertinent services and tons of FREE information.  They are truly experts on Russian romance and their Colombian and Russian tours are great.  They also have an excellent Asian section.  John, the owner, travels to world frequently and has great contacts.  Their content is ALL original.   Considering what you receive, their prices are very reasonable; why join three or more agencies and access to less.  Their Platinum subscription is by far the best deal.    More Info 
  Book  written by a Filipina revealing     Filipina  Courtship  Secrets   
EverLastingLove gives FREE addresses of lovely college educated, English speaking Filipinas.  Plus others that have passed medical and background checks Large site with lots of information and many absolutely beautiful ladies from the Philippines.  I know Jean and you will enjoy her sense of humor and her picture in a "Filipina bikini" is a MUST SEE!!!!  If you are serious about finding your Filipina dream girl, let Jean and her sisters do a personal search for you, or place your ad in Filipina publications, or pass out an introduction brochure by hand.  She is a natural born teacher and saleslady, let her speak on your behalf to a lovely Filipina girl.  Remember, only a tiny percentage of girls ever list with introduction services.     More Info 

Getting  to  Know  Filipina

A unique DVD featuring 8 very pretty Filipina friends  just being themselves.  An hour of the movie is a Christmas party they had, a Midnight Mass, & them just kidding around, a short fashion show, dancing, and each making brief comments. Then there is a video tour of the Philippines obtained from the Department of Tourism, followed by a tour of Hong Kong, then an English speaking TV show filmed on location in the Philippines.  More Information                  SPECIAL OFFER

A Pretty Woman specializes in Eastern block (Russia+) Ladies - thousands listed -  and has a good search engine to save you time.  They have more very young girls listed than similar services.  Most of the Ladies have a phone.  You can buy an ad for yourself placed in Russian papers & magazines where thousands of ladies may see it; how big is your mailbox?  They also have tours.  Think through your membership options before making a choice.    More Info

   Travel books, videos, immigration forms and flowers and gifts delivered around the world.   Roses delivered in The Philippines by inexpensive Filipino Florist    Travel books, videos, immigration forms and flowers and gifts delivered around the world.


Philippine Tours are handled by a true American husband - Filipina wife married in the Philippines province of Cebu.  They give personal, knowledgeable, service you won't receive from tour operators charging much more.   They are living proof; mature Western men + young traditional Filipina = happiness.  They charge much less than anyone else I have found and provide a safe environment for you to meet your sweetheart in a nice air-conditioned Cebu City hotel with pool they own.    More Info  
South American Tours  Cartagena,
a very romantic beach city, is just a short 2 hour flight from the US. The American hosts and English peaking guides from their local office of many years, have a wonderfully successful track record.  See pictures of a recent tour and read some of their many success stories from previous South American romance tours.    More Info   
Russian / Ukraine Tours 
by the most successful tour company with offices in several major cites.  I highly recommend this honest and reliable firm as I have dealt with them for several years now without any problems. FREE  video.    More Info  
Asian Tours 
by the oldest Picture Personals, Cherry Blossoms (since 1974) have professionals that conduct introduction tours to The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.    More Info  

USA   Immigration  Books                USA   Immigration  "do it yourself"  Manuals

The Heart of Asia service introduces you to thousands of different women for less than $3 each.  Other services charge you as much as $25 (many $15) for a single address. Addresses are guaranteed correct or replaced 2 for 1.  You may use their address packages to write ladies of choice ALL over the world.  Not just Asia anymore.  Excellent search engine and they have a 1st Timers section.  Daily updates  {;-)    More Info
Travel  Videos,  Books,  and  Travel  Guides

Cherry Blossoms started it all over 29 years ago with its picture magazine.  Now it is a giant site with lovely ladies from ALL over the World.  Over the years over 30,000 client couples have married.  Currently with over 20,000 single women listed, and 2,000 marriages this year alone, they probably are the World's #1  International Introduction Service.  In addition to a Great search engine you can pick your preferences and they will sent info on NEW matches to you by email.   Mike and Duane  in Hawaii have professionals that conduct TOURS to The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.  Their very reasonable membership fee includes unlimited email messaging to over 10,000 active women; unlimited BB usage; unlimited Chat; and more.    More Info  

Xoom is a great way to send money to The Philippines.  The cash can be picked up at over 400 Equitable PCI Bank locations.  FREE delivery is also available in many areas.  Xoom is much less than Western Union especially on small amounts like under $200 the fee is usually half that of Western Union (i.e. send $50 for only a $5 fee).  Even on larger amounts the savings are substantial and in many cases the locations are much more convenient as Equitable PCI Bank has branches in small towns and shopping areas all over The Philippines.  While you need Internet access and a bank account or credit/debit card to make a transaction, the recipient does not need either a bank account or Internet connection to get the money.  They have an arrangement with PayPal to actually transfer the money.  I have used PayPal for six years without even a single problem - I highly recommend them.  And Equitable PCI Bank is very respectable Bank in Philippines so use the Xoom service with confidence.   DETAILS       Jean

As I have interviewed hundreds of Filipina during my Personal Searches for European and American gentlemen, I have heard their secret feelings that I now reveal to you.  I have answered the many questions you have ask me this past year.  (>Click<)  for details on my new book - " Filipina  Courtship  Secrets "                                                             Filipina Courtship Secrets 

Courtships between Filipina and  Western gentlemen way too often end in heartbreak for no good reason, just simple misunderstandings.   That is why this native Filipina's frank and detailed insights into courtship from the Filipina's perspective are so valuable.  Her book, Filipina Courtship Secrets  reveals intimate secrets that are not in other books or websites - best book I have seen!    
CLICK  for some of the questions she answers and more details.      SPECIAL OFFER  

FREE  Philipino - Tagalog - Bisaya  Language Information

Asian Friend Finder has over 8,000,000 registered members & over 3,000 new members daily. Latest technology - favorites - chat - homepages - cupid.  Their Cupid service automatically emails you of new members who match what you're looking for!  New is their fuzzy friend finder that suggests profiles that are similar to ones you like! Keep track of those that interest you in a special favorites folder. And sometimes a little one-on-one fun in their active chat rooms is just the thing to spark a romance.

Your Personal Ad in a Popular Asian Newspaper  2 Full Weeks only $45

I highly recommend this new book.  CLICK for DetailsIf you ever wanted to be a "fly on the wall" and see ALL that happens during a courtship: from the 1st meeting with her & her with family; to 1st sex;  dealing with her relatives; how the Catholic Church reacts to marrying a non-Catholic, a divorced man, and the non-Church wedding alternative; the transition to his country; to handling "family" support needs and emergencies; plus all the misunderstandings / arguments along the way.  This is your chance!

Books about the Philippines

eHarmony - Free Personality Profile As Seen on TV - Without a doubt, one of the keys to happiness in a relationship is knowing who you are and how you are perceived by others. You may think you know yourself well. You may think you know how others perceive you. But the truth is, few of us have ever gotten honest unbiased feedback about our personalities. Learning about yourself is a crucial first step towards a great relationship. 

Our Free Personality Profile is a powerful tool for finding out more about yourself. It includes specific information about your strengths and weaknesses and is a great way to improve your "people skills".   
CLICK for FREE Personality Profile

Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great love story as well as much about life in smal towns in Philippines.  I highly recommend it. Finally, a great movie that realistically shows life in the Philippines today. See the daily life of a small town family. Their relationships, hardships and joys. See their home, their town and the countryside with over 25 locations included in this two hour movie on DVD.  

See how and why this pretty Filipina teenager meets an older American man, their courtship, marriage and how she copes with the USA culture shock the first few months after she arrives in the USA.

   This is the movie we have been waiting on and I recommend it highly.  More information

2ofaKind helps perfect penpals & soulmates connect using the Net's most powerful matchmaking technology -  featuring 150 match options, match analysis, anonymous email, free registration.   2ofaKind maintains a database of over 90,000 active participants and regularly verifies user email addresses and deletes inactive records.  You program the perfect match yourself - including the things you like, how much you like them, and how important they are in relation to everything else!  With 2ofaKind you enter the criteria once and the program evaluates new applicants for you once a week and delivers the results to your regular mailbox.  This is the most sane approach I have found.

Yahoo Club  -  Filipina  Courtship  Secrets    narrated by the author of the Book

Latin Senoritas       A few months ago a Gentleman mailed me a video of a TV dance program named “Caliente.” The Latina “American Bandstand” “MTV Grind” “Soul Train” in high gear.  I am still trying to learn the cool ( hot) dance steps, even Soul Train dancing was easier to learn, but fun - WOW!    My point is Latina are sexy, very sexy!

Filipina  Photo  Gallery  

Why  Filipina  Prefer  Older  Men                         Yahoo Club - Filipina Courtship Secrets

Filipina Romance - Truly FREE Yahoo group maintained by a Filipina and has many free address with pictures and informational posts also.  A no-brainer, join today!
CALL      Russia 6˘          Philippines 8˘          Hong Kong 3˘      South America 5˘
Find Romance with Yahoo! Personals  Another service that was free and now charges but it is truly worth the small fee.  There are many Asian women listed with Yahoo as it is very popular with us.  Check it out, post your profile and give it a try - - You may be happily surprised.  Many have!    Go  

Great  Information  about  the  Philippines  and  Hong Kong   - -    Video visit to the Philippines

American Singles  When this was a totally free service (still free to place your profile) it was the most popular service for Filipina.  Many of my friends posted there.  Habits die hard and you will still find many listed.  Place your profile for free, select interesting women to email, then pay the fee for a month or two to get responses and get their private email address so you can stop paying fee. That is what we do and it does work!   It has the usual search capabilities found on the better sites.Check it out.

Flowers Delivered in Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ticketmaster, is the online personals category leader according to Jupiter Media Metrix. Featuring more than 1.8 million members with profiles, offers adults worldwide a fun, private and secure environment for meeting other singles. It estimates it is responsible for arranging hundreds of thousands of relationships for its members and has confirmed more than 1,100 marriages. registers more than 300,000 new members each month and generates more than 120 million monthly page views. powers paid online dating on The Microsoft Network and iWon, and Yahoo! Personals users can elect to jointly post their profiles on's site. will be the premier provider of personals for Love@AOL, offering the service across AOL,, CompuServe and is becoming the dominate Dating Site and is ceratinly worth considering.    More Info   

One & Only  Has merge with and I suggest you use link above.  More ads than time?   That's why a great search engine is available to select just the right location, age, size, photo, etc. you desire from tens of thousands of profiles. This links to the largest personals service in the world, with lots of great services at a great price - I guess that's why it is the largest. Their Agent of Love is soooo convenient!  You can even sign-up to resell the service and earn commissions.  An instant business - you can have your own dating service in less than an hour with over 85,000 profiles.  If you decide to be an "associate", please do so from this link $$$ so we can make a few dollars to continue to provide the FREE information for you on this site.

Filipina  Introduces  her  Friends  for  FREE

Alternative Connections  - Use search engine to find the preference, interest, fetish, age, location, etc. from thousands of profiles.  Many with photos.  It is not really a strange site but if not beyond, it certainly stretches the imagination. 

United States  3.4˘  24/7  No fees      OR      Unlimited Calling for only $29.99a month

  Personal  Experience   Immigration  Information  

More Site Reviews


Be a "Fly on the Wall" & watch a real courtship in intimate detail


Outstanding Business Opportunity paying you commissions on people you get to use the many quality telecommunication services and also on people you sign-up for the Business Opportunity, and on people they sign-up etc. 
No investment  No deliveries  No accounting  No meetings  No website needed

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Your Own Dating Service       Great Filipina Catfight Stories       More Opportunities



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Great  Yahoo Club  -  Filipina Courtship Secrets







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