The  World is Divided into 6 DVD Marketing Regions 

The world is divided into 6 regions for marketing purposes


Regions  Made  Simple
There are 6 regions in the World. See them on the World region code map above. Not only is a region involved in playing a DVD disc, but PAL and NTSC TV formats also play a key role. A code free DVD player will play any DVD from any region in the World. 

Most code free DVD players are also capable of playing both PAL and NTSC formats. However, there is a lot more involved in playing a DVD from another country. For example, DVDs from the UK are region 2 and are in the PAL format. So to play a region 2 PAL movie from the UK you need a code free DVD player plus you need a video converter if you have a American TV or get a player that has a quality built-in video converter.  

Another example is playing DVDs from Japan. Japan is also region 2 but they are in the NTSC format. To play Japanese region 2 DVDs in America all you need is a code free DVD player. No need for a Multi-System TV or a video converter as American TVs are NTSC also. 

Personally, I recommend region free DVD players that have built-in video converters. These are models that will play any region DVD on any TV in the World. For the best quality at a reasonable price, I prefer JVC players but they only convert from PAL to NTSC.  Great for Americans and Canadians even though you cannot play American DVD movies on a PAL TV with this player.  Which is not an issue unless you move to Europe. 

Instead of buying from an unknown high price dealer or from still pricey auction, I suggest buying from the Worlds leading retailer -- Few people know now carries brand name, region free DVD players. They have dozens of models in stock that range from $59 - $999. The JVC XV N412SL is an excellent quality model that is also very economical (less than $150).  The same model sells for $300 at many online region free dealers.

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