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The Apple iPod is my favorite piece of fun electronics.  The model most people are buying at the moment is the     Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Silver which is an excellent balance of capacity, features and price at well under $200.  

The new "2nd generation" iPod mini builds on the strengths that made the original mini a blockbuster best-seller: easy to learn, easy to use, elegant user interface, immensely usable "click-wheel," and outstanding sound quality. Since the original mini was introduced a year ago, some competitors appeared that offered higher capacity, better battery life, and lower price. This new iPod mini answers the competition with some important improvements which make it a compelling choice over the competition:

The new 30gig iPod Photo is, in my opinion, the *perfect* iPod.

1) Battery life is now 18 hours instead of 8 hours for the first generation mini.

2) The 2nd generation mini is cheaper: the original mini was $250 for 4 gigabytes of storage, which holds up to 1000 songs. The new mini is under $200 for 4 gigabytes, or you can pay a little more for the 6 gigabyte model (up to 1500 songs) or even the 20 gigabyte model is now under $300. It holds an unbelievable 5,000 songs.  Then there is the great 30 gigabyte Photo Model that tops my wish list.

To achieve this price drop, though, Apple no longer includes a dock or charger - these are available separately, but you can live without them just fine. For example, the battery charges whenever the mini is plugged into your computer's USB port.

In addition to these improvements, there is a minor cosmetic difference, concerning the color choices: gold is no longer an option (it was the worst seller in the original mini), and the other colors are now a bit brighter.

The iPod mini comes with iTunes software to help you organize the music on your iPod, and to transfer music from your CD collection to your player. If you wish, you can use the iTunes software to purchase music from Apple's online store and download them directly to your iPod, but the software absolutely does not push you to do so.

The mini also comes with the same earbuds that accompany every other iPod. They are better than the headphones that come with most MP3 players, but you'll probably want to consider replacing them with something a bit nicer.

Like its predecessor, the build quality of the new iPod mini is excellent, very sturdy, just like all iPods. My 40gb iPod has taken a lot of abuse and has held up extremely well. Plus, I did a fair amount of research on the original mini and it has held up well since it was introduced.  I should add, I have bought many products  at and have not had any problems at all. . 

  Enjoy!                                                                                      New LOW price!    


I also recommend the Apple iPod Carrying Cases and they are now less than $30.  

The Case for the 4GB and 5GB Models 

The Case for the 40GB Model


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