Why  EverLastingLove.com

From Personal Page  to   Introduction Service!!
Started with My very own Personal Ad
Hi, I am just a simple girl that looks for love, helps my friends & now make a little business for future security.
It all stated when I finally decided to personally post on several services for 1st time as before  I thought that something I shouldn't do, maybe even dangerous.  Many girls feel this way, that is why Personal Search Service works so well.  Well, I very surprised as many letters from very nice gentlemen come to me. Then, I decided to do "simple" webpage to give more information about me and the letters were much better match. My friends try services but not get same result, as I lucky with location of postings on big site, and they harder to find. Also site say too little and all ads sound alike. Friends ask me to add them to my webpage, so I add a few, then more. Then men write many questions, so I add some answers to site.
Lucky to have Good Friends & Family to Help Me
My beautiful sister Terrisita.  I (maybe she) will post her profile and contact information in a few days.  Be sure to check back and be one of 1st to contact her.  She was in beauty contest last month and did very well as she has model look - too bad she can not sing like me or she win!! (hehe)
I accidentally meet Teri from USA and her father Steve. We make great friendship and they decide to help, and it grew and grew. None of us online everyday. Teri nurse and does quality control for largest USA group of hospitals. She very smart. Her dad is businessman and college professor and knows more about computers and help when he can. You would laugh if you saw MY 1st English words on site. Everyone help to correct, but leave some words, just me. My sister Teresita with degree in computer science also now help. My other friends help with searches, here and two places in Philippines.  Jerry say my site like mysterious woman.  That it takes patience and perseverance to discover it's most pleasurable secrets.  ( So, does that mean my new "Site Map" make mysterious woman naked? ;-)
Why  Merchant  Ads on  Free  Website
 As grow we had to buy better computers and software and print material and do mailings so growing and updating became a little expensive. So, we added merchant affiliates (see at left) to site and even made a mall but though we use only quality merchants we know internet users buy from for some reason they not buy using links from our sites, except a few book sales with Amazon and some calling cards with Cognigen. Remember, we have to sell $1,000 worth of these products to make only $60 in commissions. We actually decided to do no more to site, but I see happy faces of friends that find nice gentlemen with site and I can not stop but I had to charge for some of best addresses.
My Services
Over time  I added requested services to help by placing legal personal ads in popular newspapers here, and after much arm twisting by friends I write my eBook which is constantly growing and being updated and is now over 500 files and more than 4 megabytes is size.   Read about my personal services.   We very lucky and now offer an excellent Rose delivery service.
Jean has helped so many.  She find great husband for me.  Please take a minute to vote for Jean's site.  It is a help to her.  Click on my picture for more information.

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