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Pick your preferences and they will sent info on NEW matches to you by email.

Cherry Blossoms started it all over 30 years ago with its picture magazine of Asian women.  Now it is a giant site with lovely ladies from ALL over the World including thousands of Filipina. I notice many are from the Viscayas which I believe are the most traditionally raised.  Over the years some 31,000 client couples have married.  I personally know of several who have met using Blossoms and are now happily married.  Many consider Cherry Blossoms (also called just Blossoms) the World's #1 International Introduction Service.  In addition to a Great search engine you can pick your preferences and they will sent info on NEW matches to you by email all free. 
Their Pearl membership is good deal at $3 per address.

Search engine to find best calling rates to  ANY country

Thousands of Filipina / Asian women from a very safe source.

Call Philippines from the USA for only 6 per minute

A Foreign Affair  is proof one company can be "ALL things for ALL people:" Express e-mail, thousands of picture profiles & addresses, many tours, dozens of pertinent services and tons of FREE information.  They started years ago in South America and The Philippines and still do more Mary Ann age 21 5'2" seeks good man up to age 60 there than many specialty sites.  John the owner has many good contacts that respect him and they do not tolerate women who try any kind of scam activity so few ever try using their site. Considering what you receive their prices are very reasonable; why join three or more agencies to have  access to less.  Their Platinum subscription is by far the best deal.

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Filipina Heart for Dating, Singles and Personals

FilipinaHeart is an excellent site with a veRy large number of Filipina listed and actively participating. As well as Filipina living in The Philippines they have done a remarkable job of inviting participation by, OCW, Filipina working in other countries. For example, FilipinaHeart has over 1,000 listings of Filipina working in Hong Kong where I worked as a nanny for several years. I am impressed how well managed it is which means fewer problems for everyone. Jean

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Pretty young girls' addresses to buy and contact

Filipina Friend Finder specializes in Filipino women in the Philippines and located around the world.  Maybe right next door to you ;-) over a hundred thousand are listed.  You can view their profiles for free once you register with at least a brief profile of yourself.  Most have email. 
I highly recommend Kevin's book of his personal experience.  Much practical advice that will save time, money and frustration.  CLICK on book for details.  Jean
Kevin is an American Man who took two years of his life and invested tons of time and money looking on-line for a good woman in the Philippines to meet and marry. Kevin believes  ...           DETAILS 
 (I highly recommend this  ebook,
  I personally know the author and recommend his advice.    Jean)   

Lucy age 27 5'1" 108lbs.  Look me up by my Heart of Asia ID#: 43060

The Heart of Asia service is complying with the new law and if they fit your needs deserve your support.  Excellent search engine and they have a 1st Timers section.  Daily updates.         Go

USA   AnyWhere - AnyTime  only 2.7 per minute

This book is a "streetwise guide" from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living in or even just visiting the Philippines, from the 1st timer to the long term veteran. It doesn't get any better then this.... Ben          DETAILS 
 (I highly recommend this over 200 page ebook,
  It even discusses the topics that make me blush.   Jean)   
This book is a practical guide from first hand experience. It is a must read for anyone planning on living in or even just visiting the Philippines
Send Money Fast with! Cash to the Philippines - Free Delivery
Xoom is a great way to send money to The Philippines.  The cash can be picked up at over 400 Equitable PCI Bank locations.  FREE delivery is also available in many areas. Xoom is much less than Western Union especially on small amounts like under $200 the fee is usually half that of Western Union (i.e. send $50 for only a $5 fee).  Even on larger amounts the savings are substantial and in many cases the locations are much more convenient as Equitable PCI Bank has branches in small towns and shopping areas all over The Philippines.  While you need Internet access and a bank account or credit/debit card to make a transaction, the recipient does not need either a bank account or Internet connection to get the money.  You will receive an email notification when the money has been delivered or picked up.

They have an arrangement with PayPal to actually transfer the money.  PayPal offers ease and flexibility, accepting all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as well as all major debit cards and direct transfers. PayPal successfully completes over 600,000 transactions per day with over 30 million accounts in 38 countries worldwide. I have used PayPal for six years without even a single problem - I highly recommend them.  And Equitable PCI Bank is very respectable Bank in Philippines so use the Xoom service with confidence.  Go Xoom    


3 Money Transfer Services Compared

There are several dozen more women posted in my Yahoo Group, Filipina Courtship Secrets and you are welcome to join free.  Their pictures and addresses (many have email & phone # listed) are in the "Photos" section.  I did not personally post them, nor do I know them, but comments from members have been very positive.  I, of course, remove any that have negative feedback.   Jean


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