BBC Screen One: Filipina Dream girls  on DVD

Filipinas in Luzon Philippines marry British men
Writer: Andrew Davies / Producer: Jacinta Peel / Director: Les Blair


Great  Movie now on DVD  (2 hours w/Extras)
2 hour DVD about foreign romance issues and much about life in The Philippines. A little dated but most of it still true today.  Original airing 1991 or 1992.   I highly recommend it,   Jean
Grace Amilbangsa is both director and star of other Filipino movies. She plays lead role in this movie as Marietta Modestas, the Dream girl with a dangerous past. 
Filipina Dreamgirls - Four men from the UK fly to The Philippines on a "contact club" tour in search of the girl of their dreams.  Well done 92 minute movie with well known stars like David Thewles (Harry Potter movies), the legendary British funnyman Charlie Drake, popular character actor Bill Maynard, and talented as well as beautiful Filipina actress, Grace Amilbangsa.  Also: Angie V. Cantero, Roxanne Silverio, Andrea Arroyo, Sylvia Garde, Juliet Jimenez, Ressie Manuel, Majesty Gaerlan as the main dreamgirls, and Madonna de Vera as the lovestruck bargirl.
Not only is the movie full of laughs it addresses many important issues;  age difference, attractiveness, education, honesty, respect, acceptance, romance, love and commitment.  Almost all of movie is in PI so you see many places from go-go bar to sea-side resort and slum to fancy hotel.  Movie is in English
Movie shows how reality can get into way of Dream but also how reality can lead to new happy Dream.  I have tried for two years to get good clear tape of this BBC TV movie and my Hong Kong friend has made a good DVD with 20 minutes of extras: highlights of American Idol's, Fil-American, Jasmine Tias performance in Manila, Philippines video visit and three movie previews. This is the movie we have been waiting on and I recommend it highly. It's better than a Philippines travel video. Or other Asian travel guide, video, dvd, film, movie or book.  See photo gallery, reviews and screen capture pictures below.
Filipina Dreamgirls  DVD 
$12.98  Lowest price guaranteed
Three Happy Couples
I highly recommend this movie - - Filipina Dreamgirls . . . Jean
Three of the four men end with happy marriage, but #4 well . . . see the movie 



Come see us soon   OK
Photos are actual screen captures from the movie
At 4'8" this Dreamgirl is BiG on personality and enthusiasm!  

Wait until you see her dance at engagement party.

Filipina are of timeless beauty.  Can you guess her age?
Filipina Dreamgirls  DVD 
$12.98  Lowest price guaranteed


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Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great love story as well as much about life in smal towns in Philippines.  I highly recommend it, Jean

Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great story as well as much about life in small towns in Philippines. I highly recommend it,   Jean  
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 "Getting to Know Filipina"
I have made arrangements directly with the film company in NYC to ship this high quality 2 hour DVD directly to you.  Jean

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I highly recommend this new book.  CLICK for Details My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share. 172 pages published in December 2003 - - Jeff's story of foreign romance with a beautiful Filipina

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More  Scenes  from   "Closer to Home" DVD
Even at age 17 Dalisay works hard to help family and sick sister In landlords nice home Dalisay goes with Father to ask for needed loan of money
Garment Factory where Dalisay works Dalisay & Father ask landlord for loan
Dalisay is led to believe a marriage broker can help solve family money problems but is humiliated when inspected like cow Humiliation continues when crooked marriage broker tries to take advantage of Dalisay's innocence
Dalisay "inspected" by marriage broker in Manila nightclub Marriage broker tries to take advantage
combined offer
Two DVDs to learn about Philippines and Filipina
Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great love story as well as much about life in smal towns in Philippines.  I highly recommend it, Jean

Finally, a great movie that realistically shows life in the Philippines today. See the daily life of a small town family. Their relationships, hardships and joys. See their home, their town and the countryside with over 25 locations included.  $19.89   ($2.95 s&h charge) 

Getting to Know Filipina - - Click for more information

At the request of many, I have made a 90 minute DVD featuring 7 friends & myself just being ourselves.  This is meant as a way for you to see Filipina personalities & get to know us better.  In part of the movie we are dressed-up for a party, part we are casual, part dressed for Church and part in our nightgowns as party is a 2 day sleepover. Rest is Philippines info, Hong Kong info & a surprise bonus!  $24.98   (No s&h charge) 


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