We made picture small and a little fuzzy to protect privacy of client.  Printed Flier is high quality.  Place your order now.
11"tall X 8.5" wide
My sisters and I personally hand out most of the Questionnaires to encourage them to list with our Internet Introduction Service.  Your flier will be attached to each Questionnaire, so she will maybe answer to you even if she never list with us.

When I use the Introduction Flier during a personal search, I first determine if the Lady matches your search requirements.    Then I use the flier to discuss your personality and attitudes about life with her.   Only if there is an interest on her part do I give it to her.

The Filipina community is made up of many small circles of relationships.  If lady says  "no, not me, but ___ would be a great match,"  I will give her a flier to give to her friend who I probably would never get a chance to meet personally.  So while search is focused on your description of lady desired, you get a large exposure among ladies who probably would never use a Introduction Service.


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