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My apologies if you think "I am all wet" for making such a crazy site.  Remember, I just English and PE teacher, not computer person.

Make a note of the name and profile number of interesting Ladies, then send me your list requesting their addresses.

Most of my friends prefer not to be listed but are
So tell me a little about yourself and send a picture if you can.   QQ  ^_^


This section will list Ladies that are fine people but just didn't finish college and have not taken the background check.  We have no reason to believe they wound not pass the check.

I know many of the ladies on my website but also there are many that just send me their info or their information is forwarded to me so I  make NO guarantees about correctness of the information.   Please inform me of any errors.

If you have information for a nice lady that is not a match for you, please forward to me
Let's all help each other, yes

NOTE: See New Law Restrictions

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#L5000    Gracelda  29    5'2"  110lbs

Grace has completed a year long executive secretarial training school.   She is a Catholic and has a 2 year old child.  She has a phone.   Seeks an honest, romantic, loving, responsible, understanding man age 30 - 42.  (Grace has been on our service for several months but her friend says she still looking.   Jean)

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L5001   Engaged    19    5'4" 110lbs.

" I am responsible and friendly, loving and honest. I like to meet a loving and understanding man. I don't like men that at boastful, self-centered, dishonest, or irresponsible. I love very much the family circle."   She likes to sing, dance, read, strolling with friends, bible study.  Would like to meet a single or divorced man with or without children "because I love babies so much!! " Age is not important to me.

Rrhodora age22, is very charming and very sincere

L5002    Rhodora Sebrenillo Salvador   21     5'2"  120 lbs

Rhodora has never been married, and works as a counter counter clerk in Davao City.  She is smart, honest, responsible, and simple.    Rhodora likes to sing, play her guitar, read from the bible, and play volleyball.  She is looking for a loving, understanding, thoughtful, friendly and God Fearing future husband.  She dislikes smokers, cheaters,  and self-centered men.
Her goals: "To create her own happy family, to help her family and please her husband, Thanks to the Lord"
   [ My friend says Rhodora is charming, sincere and a devote born again Christian. Jean]

Rhodora's large picture and more information - click here


Eden22   5-1  106lbs.  ( Cute dimples ;-)

L5003   Eden Elizan  22  5"1"   106lbs.

Eden is petite and cute and very sweet in nature.  She belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.  She has never been married and has no children.  She is a high school graduate and hope to attend college soon.  She enjoys TV and visiting with her friends.  She is kind, honest and sincere.  Eden hopes to find an honest man who is prepared to be faithful to one woman. He could be divorced and/or with children but not older than 50.

Eden's large picture and information - click here


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L5004  Married   


  Pic removed  
for now

L5005   Gloria    20s   5'3"  115lbs.   

Gloria is grieving over death in family and not wanting correspondence at this time.  Please keep her and family in your prayers.  Jean

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Did you read how to get her phone # for free
Her address is FREE for the asking, but you have to find her name to ask!?!  
Have fun

L5006   Rhea Mae Bergantinus  20  5"4"   112lbs.

Has a telephone and E-mail address on her application questionnaire (she is very neat & prints clearly).  Rhea is still in student studying professional courses in good vocational school, so she types and uses computer also. She belongs to the Roman Catholic Church where attends sometimes and for special occasions.  She has never been married and has no children.  Rhea is petite 34-26-34 and cute and very sweet in nature.   She enjoys TV, movies (likes Bruce Willis & Sandra Bullock) and visiting with her friends.  She is kind, honest and humble.  Rhea hopes to find an honest man who is prepared to be faithful to one woman.  She prefers to meet gentlemen no older than 40 years.  

Large pictures of Rhea - click here


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Rosa Labor L5008 Angie Amboy L5009 Margie Sogui L5010
Rosa Angie Margie
Margie  NoW  Engaged
There are several dozen more women posted in my Yahoo Group, Filipina Courtship Secrets and you are welcome to join free.  Their pictures and addresses (many have email & phone # listed) are in the "Photos" section.  I did not personally post them, nor do I know them, but comments from members have been very positive.  I, of course, remove any that have negative feedback.



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