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  • Postage -- Include return postage - local stamps are  much cheaper than IRCs 
    • Philippines - 22 Pesos for international stamps   = about 40 cents US$ -- an IRC is $1.75
    • Hong Kong - $3.10HKD is about 45 cents US$ --  an IRC is $1.75
    • IRC  - is International Reply Coupon and is available at many US post offices
      • PRO - it can only be used to buy international stamps
      • CON - she must go to her local post office to use it (travel costs can be higher than value)
      • TIP -  just put dollar in letter and mention it for postage to reply your letter.  Cheaper than IRC and trust me, she need money more than US Government, OK?
    • USA - Airmail / 1st Class postage is 80 for 1st ounce then 75 for each additional ounce
      • 1 ounce is about 4 pages plus envelope& 1 picture - fancy paper may weight more
      • Correct postage is important as too little means it probably will NOT be delivered or "returned" - just disappear
      • Packages not sent airmail go by ship - "Yes" slow boat to China is real - "real slow" over 30 days
      • Airmail takes about 10 days to Hong Kong & about 30 days to Philippines depending on which island
      • Postcards are 70 and are great if they show your community or favorite place or fun travel place.
    • USA-Global Priority
      • There are 2 sizes and you can send as much as you can put in the cardboard envelopes (up to 4 lbs.)
      • Large size is about $9US while smaller size is around $5US  ( Jerry sends me video tapes for $5 )
      • Only 3 days to Hong Kong or 10 days to Philippines  (Sometimes Global Priority costs less than Airmail)
      • Post office better than UPS as mailman know where "family" live as many residences not have street addresses.  UPS good for business addresses in larger towns.

      I used to sell local stamps but they more trouble than value.  It really is best to just enclose a dollar in letter and mention that it is to help with her cost of stationery and postage.  Don't you agree it better for woman to get a few cents extra than pay $1 to website to buy a 22 pesos stamp or $1.75 to US Post Office for an IRC?

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