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 Aurora 22 5'3" 110lbs


Mary Jane is a college graduate, age 25, 5'1"  98lbs. and her measurements are a very sexy 34-25-33
Mary Jane


Liza age 21   Please write her

   Liza 23  5'0"  107lbs.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking time to do this favor.  You can vote again once each day if you really want to help me!!  Thanks,  JeanThank You, for your interest in writing my friend Aurora (Mary Jane engaged now). (see her profile in Filipina Showcase) Normally I charge a small fee for girl's email or phone number contact or to see her original applicationHowever,  I  make you this special offer.  
It is a simple favor that will take less than two minutes of your time. It is important that a link to my website is positioned high enough in directories to be seen.  Several popular directories that you will like to use base my website's position on the number of "votes" it receives per day.  So all I ask is you click on each of the link below, and let the new browser windows load (open) completely before you close them. You need to click on the "Continue" button n the small gray window to load their main Directory page - "Thanks."
 For doing this simple favor, I will give you Aurora's email address & Liza's info too.
When you have finished, all you have to do to receive her email address is: Click here and send me your 1st name, age, city and country where you live with the word "email" on the subject line.  
Want to know more about Mary Jane Venice Liza or Aurora?  A brief description and larger photo can be seen by clicking on her picture at the left side of this page.  A longer profile and more photos of her are with the Section I listings in The Filipina Theater.  And, if you take time to carefully read about my new book Filipina Courtship Secrets you will find a link to Aurora's address, and Liza's original handwritten application and address.  I will even tell you the best time to call her.  If you go on to my main order-form page you will find another interesting link, an embarrassing link for me, but I promised to put it on my website, a link to my bikini photo.
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New  FREE  address to replace  Mary Jane's

Well, it seems my featured women have found Love all at the same time.  I recently received email from Mary Jane saying she has decided to focus on just one of men that write her. And Venice's friend just write to say she going to UK on fiancée visa. So, now I offer info on super-cute Liza.  Liza is age 23, petite and never post anywhere before. So, good news is website introductions working great.  Bad news is I have to find time to update my site.  I have many new girls to list but my scanner not working.  So I give you Liza's info free. Liza likes music, movies and travel though she has never gone far.  She is not listed anywhere else on site so vote above and send me email to this address to see more pictures of Liza along with her bio & address.   
(Link to her Original application is also on one of my Book info pages.)





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