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Start Page What my intentions are for my website - "writing your romantic wedding story"
Home Page Brief site introduction, & Directory of main pages
News Page Links to what is new to site, who became engaged or married, address corrections, Special Offer details to get FREE e-mail addresses  and contact information of some of most desirable girls.
Ladies Main Page Links to different Sections where Ladies' profiles & photos are located.  List of Personal Services.
Filipina Courtship Secrets My book of intimate Filipina secrets that are not in other books or websites
Services Detailed descriptions of several Personal Services including Asian ads and Personal Search.
Main Order Form Brief review of my services and book, and instructions on 3 ways to order.
Gifts Delivered in PI Many inexpensive yet quality gifts, gift boxed with your personal message and DELIVERED by professional courier service in The Philippines
Choice Ladies Get copy of handwritten applications with phone, email & addresses of ladies passing checks
Worldwide Ladies Candid reviews of more Introductions sites in 2 formats, 1- spreadsheet format; 2- list format.
Why My story of why & how site grew from 1 personal page to Introduction Service
Westerner + Filipina
= Happiness   
Why we find Western men attractive.  Why we find more mature men attractive.   Why Filipina make the best wives & which Filipina are better still.
Basic Tagalog Learn many basic words, numbers and simple phrases for use in letters, phone calls and, of course, visit to Philippines.  Difference between Filipino & Tagalog
Sample Penpal Letter Just print out, fill in the blanks and recopy in your handwriting.
Calling Courtesy When & How to call a Filipina.  Special discussion concerning calling OCW & cellphones.
yes, filipinas do have belly buttons (;-)-{}<: My friend Mr. Jerry Barizo's calendars are very special.  Superb photography printed large enough to be fully appreciated creates an enjoyable experience in the use of a daily tool.  Click on photo to go to his website to see monthly pictures and to order. Looks like a great place for a wedding to me ;-)
Join us on a Personal Tour to my homeland, The Philippines ~ ~ Airfare, lodging, introductions, Visa help
Giving Gifts Security, cost, time - - best ways to send gifts.  Suggested gifts to girl, parents, & family.
Immigration Detailed info on Fiancée visa - costs, time, exceptions.  Also Marriage in the Philippines.
Poetry A romantic poem I received personally plus poems submitted by site visitors / friends.
My Favorite Gift Something creative and special yet not expensive.
Books and Videos Four pages of the best books and videos about Philippines and other Asian countries, plus romance, relationships, overseas employment.  I also select 20+ specific gifts girls like with links to store.  Also, why CD Now has good deal on gifts to Asia.
Flowers Major Florist delivers in Philippines.  My suggested special choice.
Philippines Info Many pages of information on my homeland you requested and helped research - enjoy!  FAQ - Map - Hotels - Airlines - local transportation - Scams - Filipino words - Mail - Guides - Videos
Filipino English We apply the peculiar sounds of our different dialects (mainly Tagalog and Bisaya) we speak at home to form the pronunciation of Filipino English.  Let me explain so not shock, OK?
Hong Kong Info Many paragraphs of information on Hong Kong & N.T.
Background Check What girls have to do to pass background check and qualify to be in Filipina Theater Showcase.  I am told these are the most valuable Filipina contacts on internet.


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Best phone services Low long distant services: in USA; to any country; from any country; more.  Search engine to find best card to "anywhere" - - Great deals updated daily.    Get Girls' phone #s FREE
Tours to Philippines Now ready  @^_^@   27 tours in Cebu great success, sign-up for next tour today
Merchant Reviews Compare merchants for you.   Plus give girl family original art of daughter or you as couple.   Can do from separate photos of you & girl.
FREE Addresses Page where you request free addresses of girls you want to write.
My Personal Page Full page of information about me with pictures.
Photo Gallery Many pictures of me and friends with jokes too
My Bikini Pictures At least two photos of me in Filipina Bikini are now on site as requested.  Keep sharp lookout for links as you go through site.
Business Ideas 21st century opportunities worth serious consideration.  If I do not like enough to do myself, I will not list for you to consider.  I know all these work.
Recommendations Everyone has been soooo helpful.  Thank you soooo much!  Please, send more, more, more!!!
At the request of many, I have made a DVD featuring 7 friends & myself just being ourselves.  An hour of the movie is a Christmas party we had, a Midnight Mass, & us just kidding around and dancing.  Some of the dancing gets a little sexy(PG) but this is meant as a way for you to see Filipina personalities & get to know us better.  In part of the movie we are dressed-up for party, part we are casual, part dressed for Church and part in our nightgowns as party is a 2 day sleepover. Rest is Philippines & HK info (more than some $20 tapes) & a surprise bonus!     Special Offer
Our Personal DVD
E-mail  Me Great inexpensive sevice to deliver Roses all over The Philippines Fast - Safe - Inexpensive








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