"Mabuhay" Welcome to The Philippines  Travel Guide on 2 hour DVD

Life and fun in Luzon, Cebu, Borocay, Leyte, and many more beautiful locations in The Philipines
Big cities, small villages, tourist tours, historical landmarks, and lots & lots of local sites not in other video travelogues
See over 40 locations on more than 20 Philippine islands
  Best Philippines Travel Video 2005  
2 hour Travel Video Philippines in DVD and VHS of Manila, Cebu, Borocay, Negros, Luzon,Tourist guide
Finally you get to see the real Philippines 
(2 hours w/Extras -- Filmed 2005)
Join us with this Philippines travel video now on DVD. Two hours of fun, laughter, and music. Our English language commentary provides you with detail description and more infomation than many travel books. Join us on our big adventure.

There is room for you and you and you too!

We do not spend much time in the Malls but want you to see the modern conveniences as well as the lack of basics in many areas. Jean Look like your mall?
  city malls are very modern
Small towns have outdoor markets with a variety of foods and handmade items
I grew up 85 mountainous kilometers from Cebu City so the village market was very important as it remains for the majority of Filipinos today.
Mabuhay, Welcome to the Philippine Islands
Come with us on a entertaining journey by big plane - small plane; big boat - small boat; big bus - jeepney; 4wheeler - motorcycle; hiking - floating; scuba diving - climbing; even singing our way across thousands of kilometers of cities, towns, villages, parks, rivers, volcanoes and many scenic mountains to learn about my wondrous country.  This is a fast paced travel video tour showing life of Filipinos today; both city and province, give a wide variety of living in a land that has cultures dating back over 7,000 years. 

 Sure you see the big hotels but also the small ones, same with the restaurants, stores, life at work, nightlife, and life in general. We try best to show all; the great, the good, the fair & the sad as well.
Narrative is in English  - - - - Music is in Filipino

This DVD is your ticket to climb aboard our tour bus. See The Philippines as if you are here beside me. Unlike any travel video you have ever seen and much more informative.  
  It's much better than a traditional Philippines travel video, or other Asian travel guide, video, DVD, film, movie or book. So if you are planning a trip, visiting your sweetheart, considering relocating, this is a great guide for you.   Jean
Best Philippines Travel Video 2005 Welcome to the Philippines  DVD  ($29.95 in stores)
$14.49  $3.99 s&h

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Just a small sample
I highly recommend this movie - - Filipina Dreamgirls . . . Jean
This is the #1 video for learning about my country.
You never know who will be sitting at next table
Visit with us Bohol and the "Chocolate Hills", the wonderful islands Mindoro, Boracay, Cebu, Malapascua, Siquijor and Negros with comfortable hotels and beach resorts and many adventurous trips.

Guide us under water to the exotic coral reefs with colorful fishes and sunken wrecks! The background-music will enjoy you with original philippine songs.

Put yourself in these pictures
Souvenier shops, grocery stores street markets, cock fights, tri-cycle, jeepney, beacjes, sightseeing trips, canoe, sleep aboard ferry, parade, festivals, dancing, singing, video quality, taal volcano, clark base, subic bay and mush more on this DVD.
It shows you Manila with the "Singing Cooks", the wonderful "Banaue Rice Terraces" with native dancers, "Taal Lake" with "Taal Vulcano", a boatstrip to the "Pagsanjan Waterfalls", a helicopter flight to the "Mount Pinatubo Vulcano" deep inside the crater, the "Natives" (Mangyans) in the jungle-mountains and the famous "Philippine Cockfightings".
We do not travel to Palawan or Mindanao in this DVD but we are working on a new DVD for them.  Just email me for information.  Jean


Best Philippines Travel Video 2005   Welcome to the Philippines  DVD  
($29.95 in stores)
Only $14.49  $3.99 s&h
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Best Philippines Travel Video 2005
A few more pictures

Not Ireland,  Philippines 
Filipina Dreamgirls
Wanna play?

            Future Miss Philippines
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CLICK HERE for info and photos from this DVD movie -- Filipina Dreamgirls Filipina Dreamgirls the Movie, now on DVD  -- Four men fly to The Philippines on a "contact club" tour in search of the girl of their dreams.  Well done 92 minute movie with well known stars.  Not only is the movie full of laughs it addresses many important issues;  age difference, attractiveness, education, honesty, respect, acceptance, romance, love and commitment.  Almost all of movie is in PI so you see many places from go-go bar to sea-side resort and slum to fancy hotel.  Movie is in English 
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I highly recommend this new book.  CLICK for Details My book has become much larger than I had expected because there is soooo much to share. 172 pages published in December 2003 - - Jeff's story of foreign romance with a beautiful Filipina

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Two more DVDs to learn about Philippines and Filipina
Closer to Home - - 2 hour high quality DVD movie with great love story as well as much about life in smal towns in Philippines.  I highly recommend it, Jean

Finally, a great movie that realistically shows life in the Philippines today. See the daily life of a small town family. Their relationships, hardships and joys. See their home, their town and the countryside with over 25 locations included.  $19.89   ($2.95 s&h charge) 

Getting to Know Filipina - - Click for more information

At the request of many, I have made a 90 minute DVD featuring 7 friends & myself just being ourselves.  This is meant as a way for you to see Filipina personalities & get to know us better.  In part of the movie we are dressed-up for a party, part we are casual, part dressed for Church and part in our nightgowns as party is a 2 day sleepover. Rest is Philippines info, Hong Kong info & a surprise bonus!  $24.98   (No s&h charge) 


Save even more and purchase both DVDs   
 $36.95   ($2.95 s&h charge)                  






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