Care for your Silver Jewelry


Use Xoom to Send Money to the Philippines Pure Silver, a precious and malleable metal, is usually alloyed with copper to enhance its durability and prevent damage to the metal. Typically, sterling silver consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. Over time oxidation reactions will occur, especially with sulfur and oxygen, causing silver to become tarnished. Care should be taken to prevent this tarnishing, and many commercial products are available that will easily remove tarnish buildup that silver naturally acquires.

When cared for properly, your fine quality silver will last a lifetime. Simply wearing your jewelry helps prevent, or at least slow, the oxidation process keeping your jewelry looking new. To minimize scratches, silver jewelry can be stored in cloth pouches, small zip-lock bags, or in separate compartments in your jewelry box.

High-End Silver jewelry is often finished with rhodium giving it the appearance of platinum and is generally regarded as tarnish resistant. If your new piece of jewelry is finished with rhodium, we recommend that you clean it with a jewelry cleaning cloth and polishing cloth. Silver that has not been treated with rhodium is cleaned in much the same way, but will require more frequent polishing to maintain its luster. With brand new silver jewelry, a polishing cloth is typically sufficient. To achieve the best results with jewelry containing cubic zirconium and diamonds, a liquid fine jewelry cleaner is recommended.

If your jewelry appears to have dulled with age, or requires deep cleaning, we highly recommend using a jewelry cleaning cloth, followed by your jewelry polishing cloth. The cleaning cloth can be used on gold, sterling silver, and sterling silver finished with rhodium. To use the cleaning cloth, be sure that the jewelry is dry; then rub with the cleaning cloth. Follow by buffing with your polishing cloth to restore the shine to your jewelry.

Do not use silver dip as this will damage the rhodium finish and is known to remove color and polish from certain gemstones, including turquoise and pearls. Although it may be acceptable to use silver dip on pieces that are not set with gemstones or finished with rhodium, the chemicals are extremely harsh and should be reserved for instances in which the item is completely tarnished, such as antique sterling silver items. We do not recommend using silver dip on our jewelry.

Toothpaste: Some have recommended using toothpaste to clean silver jewelry; we do not suggest doing this because toothpaste contains small abrasive granules which can leave scratches on your silver.

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