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Worldwide Cards that are good for many countries.  From USA to  ~ALL~ Philippines is as low as 10 cents per minute   To "Hong Kong" is only 5 cents.

Filipina are raised to be very proper and polite. This means an unexpected telephone call from a stranger is very uncomfortable and we not sure how to act or what to say. This makes it more likely to go badly and hurt start of relationship. So 1st write a nice letter introducing yourself. I have a sample to guide you but better to use your own style.  Just keep it simple, plain English and while you should tell of yourself avoid "life story" or "sound like bragging."  Put your phone number in letter and say if she calls you, you will get her number and call her right back to talk. Also in letter ask her what is best times to call as often girl does not have a phone in her family's house. Card at left is best I find if calling from USA.  Some girls (especially Hong Kong) calling 1st is OK - just be careful, OK?

    When calling OCW (Overseas Contract Worker - sometimes called OFW) keep following in mind:

  • Technically they are always working except for Sundays
  • They are using their boss' phone & must keep it short
  • Private phones are usually cellular and cost her US 16 per minute to receive calls
  • OCW  workers only make about US$400 a month
  • Be careful about time difference.  We are 12 hours (13 during "daylight savings months) ahead of NYC, USA
  • Chinese bosses are very strict on Filipina helpers so please be understanding.   For example,  if she has to hang-up often to answer her boss's phone calls.  Many times she must keep her cellular phone secret from her boss.
  • Calling rates now much lower if use good phone card. Rates 5 per minute HK & 6 Philippines from USA  is best deal I know at this time. 
  • SEARCH   ENGINE to find best calling rates to ANY country & cards to call home when you travel overseas
Another excellent guide book to the Philippines but with beautiful color photos
The chapter entitled “The Country and Its People”  is an excellent account of our history.   Lots of beautiful color pictures on high quality paper.  Read this one before you leave & take Lonely Planet guide with you.
I believe you will find very complete information at the above links, but if you still have questions I will try to get answers for you.
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