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Gifts delivered in The Philippines We offer the finest roses in The Philippines. For rose bouquets click here and for roses in vases click here. We also offer quality jewelry, teddy bears, chocolates, perfumes, children's items, flowers and more in our Gift Shop.   See our Valentines Day Specials   Philippine Cut Flower Corporation is an award winning member for many years.
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We would like to thank everyone for taking time to write us about our service. I have edited out personal info to protect your privacy. Just first names and __ when names are uncommon. We have tried to be fair and include positive & negative comments.   Blessings, Jean & Steve

Hi Jean & Steve & Maria, after reading Jay's comments, I wanted to write to let you know I have ordered from several shops the past two years, both higher and lower priced than yours, and Michelle shows me the roses on her web cam. She and I both agree your roses are always the best quality. We can see why you win so many awards. And no one has ever come close to your customer service. May God continue to bless you both, Bill & Michelle 
Thanks for working with me...this is why I do not go elsewhere and you keep me as a loyal customer...I am in Sales and have a food catering business....."THE LOYALTY" factor is so important...very few have it these days as "PRICE" is what most folks react to..regardless I do not shop around. you have delivered each time even in tough uncontrollable situations.. thanks again, Jay
Hi, I would like to thank you so very much for your efforts in my request for service. I saw the most beautiful smile and tears of joy in my life, upon the arrival of my gift from you to my lady. We had cams setup to see her expression. She was very surprised, so it was good :). I will be using your service more and more until she is my wife. Thank you -It is such a pleasure knowing that your company has more of an interest in their customer's desires then just simply money. You made our day so very very memorable. Sincerely, Greg 
Jean! thanxs so much for delivering the roses on the day i ordered them!! amazing! she loved them and having the impact of delivering in the store where she works is something that makes anyone smile! thank you! phillip
Kumusta Jean, Thanks as always. This is why you are my exclusive florist, excellent service always. Blessings to you and yours Anton
Mabuhay! Thank you so much! F__ got them on time and she told me her whole family is impressed and so happy for her. Thanks for your part in making our dreams come true. Take care & Blessings,David
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! You are always so helpful prompt with all solutions and correspondences...I have nothing but praise and positive recommendations for your company and customer service!!! Keep up the great work and of course I will continue to use and recommend your site!!! Thanks again! Brian
Hello Jean & Steve...Thank you so much for your exceptional service and thoughtfulness...M__ just loved her roses and is sending me photos so that I may enjoy them as well...I will not hesitate to use your services in the future, Danny
No, I'll use it. You have been so great in handling different situations, I really appreciate your honesty and sincerity. I will buy something else from you when you get your jewelry website back up. Hope it goes well for you. Best regards, B
Mabuhay Jean and Steve, Thank you so very much for the bonus. You folks are a pleasure to do business with. Maybe the next time I am in the Philippines we can meet for dinner someplace. I am not sure when that will be as I have acquired a commitment to two small churches as their pastor. It is temporary but it is up to God for how long. B___ and I have some paper work problems to work out but we are committed to each other. I wish there were more I could do for her, but I must not try to take away her independence. Thank you again and God Bless, Lenn
Hi Jean / Steve, Thought I'd let you know that Dah_e received the gifts yesterday. Once again thanks a lot! :) - Ahmad
hi Jean, i just wanted you to know that i am very great-full for your service!! my fiancee in the Philippines received her gift in a timely manner and was overwhelmed!! i would totally recommend your service to anyone who needs a gift for their fiancee or girlfriend as it was reasonable and your service was excellent!! i will definitely use your service again. thanks so much for making my holiday a truly enjoyable experience!! sincerely, ted 
Hi Steve, I just sent you an email without realizing that you sent another one so our emails crossed paths.. Yes, A___ never received any flowers. She made two trips up the LBC office without any success. I understand Jean wouldn't lie to us and I am sure this is all an unfortunate mix up with the delivery (LBC). But since they are unable to deliver, it would be best that I just get my refund for the total purchase price on my credit card. Since the excitement of her getting flowers is gone regardless if you send her another fresh bouqet of flowers. We can try this again some other time. I do appreciate you both taking the concern to assist us every step of the way. Let me know what you come up with. Thanks again and your services were good, after all it isn't your fault if delivery fails. Sincerely, Scott
I'm treated not as a traditional bussiness would treat a customer but i'm treated as a friend. You do a very nice job at answering my questions promptly. I'm treated with kindness, it's why i prefer doing business with Filipino people. God Bless!
Hello Jean, Thanks for including the second message and for the date change to 13 Feb. The more I thought of what you said the more I liked it. This way she is able to enjoy her gifts on Valentines Day with her family and friends :) Thank you very much for all of your help and again for your delivery service. I have also read your eBook and it has helped me out so much. The services you provide and the knowledge you share is priceless. Much love and many blessings to you and yours, G___
I love your service! Thank you for all you have done, i couldnt court her without you :) 
Thank you - I do not know you but I certainly appreciate your kind help and assistance. If I travel to the PI this year to visit my husband, I would love to come by to meet you ! I was hesitant about ordering from so far away, but you have made this simple and I feel comfortable. Thanks again for your help! Deb
Hi Jean, your judgment turned out to excellent. M___ loved the bears and flowers. The little white bear and brown bear gave me a giggle too. Thanks again, Bill
It is perfect. thak you so much for helping us!  Bryan
Hello Jean, Thank you very much for responding about the Fiancée Visa. Maybe your friend will be able to help and give me the confidence I need to complete the forms correctly. I am looking forward to the DVD's because as you know, it is so difficult to find good DVD's about the Philippines. I am grateful for your website because every DVD you have sent me has been excellent, and they really helped prepare me for the first trip to the Philippines I took last year. As you know, this is a very difficult time for my Fiancée and I as we wait to be together again. I have learned so much from your online book and all the tips you have provided. One of the most difficult things with my relationship has been the misunderstandings, but your book has helped me understand L___ and has made our relationship much smoother. Again, thank you so very much for all your help. R___
Thank you so much. Last time I ordered the berry bear for Fe and she loved it. Your service is the best. The only service I will use. I will be visiting the phills in June. I can't wait. Anyway, thanks so much for taking good care of us. Rich
Thanks jean, They arrived today as promised. Excellent service many thanks. Kind Regards, Matt 
Salamat and Mabuhay Din Jean, I really love the things on your website and thanks you so much for your professionalism and honesty. I must commend you and Steve for an outstanding job on the website. Take Care and God Bless! V/R, Paul 
Thanks for your email, and I would like to say what a lovely easy to use web site you have. It does not matter if the delivery is later, as I know the blue roses are a special order. Thank you again for your help. Kind Regards, Matt 
Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge, I have been looking for this for a long time and truly believe your site is a Blessing beyond measure, to guide me the rest of the way on this my journey for love. I have met and am going to marry a wonderful filipino lady. Thanks so much for your insight.  Your ebook is great. Sincerely, Doug
Filipina Dreamgirls the movie on DVD Thank you for the bonus DVD, The Filipina Dreamgirls movie is not new to me - I saw it many years ago and, having lived in the UK for the first 30yrs of my life, identify the english actors. I'm married to a Filipina - have been for over 20 years - and she loved the movie - it tells a familiar story! So I wanted to get a copy for us. Have a "Happy New Year", John 
Mabuhay Jean and Steve, I appreciate you adding the 3 red rose bouquet. Salamat. I don't think J____ has ever been given flowers before. I am so happy I found your web site because now I am able to get special gifts for my nobya. She got no pasko presents so I know she will be very happy when the gifts are delivered to her. Thank you again...Salamat po, Jack 
Hi Jean, Thanks for all your help. Rose got the gift and she really likes it. Thanks for helping me get the gift to her by Christmas. Your customer service is exceptional. I wish you a Happy New Year. Thanks, Mike
Jean, your advice and encouagement over the years has helped me recover from the early heartbreaks, find my dreamgirl, court her, bring her home and marry her. Now, we have a beautiful daughter and you continue to help unselfishly. we thank you. You also make sending gifts home to relatives so easy. We always get the best thank yous from your gifts and always use you when possible. We wish you the very best, Paul & Lory
Hi Jean, I had some bad news the day of the first delivery so I needed something positive to lift my spirits. Thanks to you I did. My nobya hasn't received many pasko (Christmas) presents so it was a real treat to see how the Crystal Heart Set, the Toberlone Chocolates and the Roses made her happy. She shared the chocolates with her roommates but I think that the roommates wanted the roses instead. I have used you twice to send gifts to my nobya and will definitely remember Everlasting Love when I need to send another gift. Salamat and please keep up the great work. Jack
Jean & Steve, Thank you again for taking care of my order on short notice. Its been a real pleasure doing business with you. Happy Holidays to you both. Al
Any Day Special


Hi Jean, Sheila really loved the flowers sooo much. G___
Steve, Jean and the Gang- Thank you So Much for the timely delivery of the roses to my wife yesterday.....the timing was perfect, as the One Year Anniversary of her sisters death is today, and so the flowers arrived perfectly on time. I cant tell you how much it made their day, and lessened the pain of the event....and helped me feel as though I at least played a small part in helping to ease the sadness. So, once again, thank you all for your efforts, even though the weather was an unfriendly element, you guys Got It Done.....!! My eternal appreciation -john 
My dear Jean,  I have received several communications from you, including verification of delivery plans.  Thank you so very much, It is a great relief to see that my gesture to close the miles is being taken care of by you. Needless to say, "" has gone onto my list of favorites, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Your online image shows a beautiful, endearing smile. It is nice to see that as Shakespeare questions in 'Hamlet', Beauty has commerce with truth.  You are a blessing, S___ 
Dear Jean and Steve, Thank you so much for the great service. T___ received the flowers and loves them. She showed me the flowers today and they look great. I will continue to use your service. Joe
just want to thank you for including the Mabuhay dvd.  That was two wonderful hours viewing some of the best tourist spots in the was very informative, entertaining, very colorful, and sharp pictures. The narrator did a great job!  Anyway, this DVD should be the product you would want to sell on eBay.  I highly recommend it. Thanks again, so very much.  Now, I'm highly thinking about going to the Philippines for my next vacation...and return to my beautiful country that I have to leave back in 1971.  I feel very proud to be a Filipino knowing that my country is beautiful everywhere. God bless you. God bless your business. Al
Jean, Salamat ha sa order ko. My girlfriend really loved the BIG teddy bear. You really made her day and I will continue to order for you all. Ignat! Paul 
MABUHAY MS JEAN/EVERLASTINGLOVE - Your wonderful business is greatly appreciated.. Thank You So Much.. Your business is truly a Blessing.. I sure will go for your business again :) Bryan 
Hi Jean, Wanted to tell you that the roses thrilled my girlfriend. She said she has never gotten flowers as beautiful. Thank you again for the upgrade. That was very kind of you. I hope you and yours are well. Best wishes, Lee
The best roses in The Philippines
Filipina Courtship Secrets
I have been happily married to my wife J___ for a year now.  thanks to the insights I received from your book, it helped me to understand my beautiful Filipina wife!!  Thank you. sincerely, Matt
Jean, Thank you so much. My honey ko Fe recieved and loved the Berry bear. Her family was so happy for it. I cannot thank you enough. I will buy many more things from you to send her. Thanks again. You have a friend and customer for life in me. A big halik and yakap. R___
Hi Jean, Steve, Thank you so much for the upgrade I really appreciate it. My girlfriend was surprised and couldn't believe how beautiful the roses were.She loved them. I need to send some for her birthday and hope you could get some more for me .... will contact you a few days in advance. I will be in the philippines soon and would love to stop by and say hello. Again, thanks. Jeff
The Diplomatic roses have extra long thornless stems and exra large blooms
Mabuhay Jean & Steve,  Thank you so, so much!  That is really kind and considerate, let alone generous, of you!  I certainly didn't expect that. ... Once again, you've gone above and beyond the standards of good service. You've made me -- and soon, her -- so very happy. You're great!  Blessings, David 
Jean, Thank you, for the reply, and thank you so much for the bonus, I am loyal to companys who provide the service expected, You have gone beyond this on each occasion I have used you. Maraming Salamat.......Steve G.  
Hello, Thank you all very much for your assistance, the roses arrived 3pm thursday afternoon as you had said to expect, and Sally absolutely loves loves them! She showed them to me over her webcam & they really do look fantastic. They were packaged so nicely she didn't even want to put them in a vase right away, preferring to hold the bouquet in her lap. You can be sure i'll be ordering from you again in the future, thank you once again! Erik 
Dearest sister Jean,  That sounds great, as always I thank you for the work you do.  Lara will indeed love them.  Sincere Blessings,  John
Hi Jean. You have provided such excellent service for the past few years. Me and my girlfriend really appreciate it. Flowers are the true meaning of love. I just signed-up for another 6 month rose plan. Thanks.  Dr. G___.
Kamusta po kayo Jean & Steve. May I congratulate you on running such a sterling service, on the occasions I have used your company it has always delivered 100%, Well Done!  This time, as usual, you have manage to fill in the details I have forgot.  JT
Mabuhay, Jean - Thank you so much for arranging the prompt delivery, and thanks even more for adding the roses!! That's really thoughtful and kind of you. I'd even been contemplating adding the roses and chocolates to the order myself (they are a very rare thing for her), so this is perfect and in sync with what I'd dreamt of doing. You're really great, you know? I hope you can sense my smiles... and deep gratitude. Don't worry about the extra-early delivery if it's a hassle though -- the date you said (Friday) is early enough and I certainly don't want you to go to any bother over it. I'm just thankful it will be this week! Blessings, David 
Thank you so much for the upgrade. I will let you know of her reaction. I usually use Flower Farm, but I tried your site out this time. I really like your site and it is very helpful to us. We will be applying for a fiancée visa shortly. Your site is great. Thanks again, Richard  
Steve and Jean, I can't thank you enough for the lovely flowers!  A__ showed them to me and they were very very beautiful! You made both of us very happy with your outstanding service and have earned a long time customer. Salamat!!  David 
Miss Jean,  Bless you, this free upgrade couldn't have happened at any better time than now. Things are not going very well here in Saudi Arabia and My Sweet and Sexy Babae, needs all the cheering up I can give her. I thank you with all my heart. Loving and Blessings, John
Jennifer received the roses, she loved them. The neighbor's all came out to see who was getting something and Jen was so excited it was her. Thanks again Larry
Designer Baby Pink roses
Hi Jean, just like to say thank you very much, E__ really liked the roses, keep up the good work, keith 
Thank you very much for your wonderful work. I enjoy doing business with you. Look forward to being a long time customer. Thank you, David
hello jean, the details all look correct, thanks a lot for this fantastic service im sure J__ will be very excited. thanks and kind regards, wayne 
Hi Jean, Thank you very much. You have been very helpful and I will definitely use everlasting love again to send flowers and gifts to my love ones back home. Sincerely, P__
G___ was extremely surprised and very delighted with the necklace AND the flowers, and promised to express her gratitude in a very special way when we get together on Sabado, May 19, 2007.  (She wrote me) Sabi niya, "I thought only Filipinos were that romantic; you must be an honorary Pinoy, kasi ang puso mo is really that of a Filipino!"  I took that as a high compliment, and I wanted to express MY deepest thanks and appreciation for helping me please my darling Gladys. Ulit, maraming maraming salamat po! Mabuhay ka! "Tibo" W___ 
Just letting you know C__ got the necklace on Tuesday, so everything went ok. I only talked a few minutes on the phone to her so far, because of the time difference. But I saw it on her webcam and she really likes it. Yes she was very surprised & happy about it. She wanted to know how much it cost but I keep ignoring the question, lol. Anyway, thanks for the fast service. Tom
Very nice, seems that you run your business with love and care. C__
Jean, Switching to the upgrade would be fine with me. Just let me know when I need to pay you the different. Thanks also for all your help. Thanks also for throwing in the extra item. I will always do my business with you. Dennis
Thank you so much Jean! She sent me a picture of the roses... they were pretty! Ray
100 longstem red roses make a stunning bouquet This, of course, 
is the store photo
My friend Jean, I have sent you the $15.00 for your online book. Thank you for the discount! Thank you too for the gifts you This Eternal Love sterling silver heart trinity knot locket necklace from Ashling Aine channels centuries-old sensibilities to express a love that spans the ages. allowed me to send to my filipina honeybee, E___. She was so surprised and satisfied with the quality of the gifts. I was happy to hear of the way you boxed the individual gifts including the flowers. The service I have used in the past wrapped the flowers in plastic and tape! E___ really loved the locket and bracelet! She and her family loved the chocolate too! I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service. Your site is a blessing from God. I can assure you that in the future when I want to send something special to my baby I will use your service. Thank you again Jean, so very much! Your brother in Christ, Robert
Thanks Jean, The roses were delivered on time and she loved them! Jeff
Mabuhay Ms. Jean, Thank you so much for your great service. I'm glad to have found your website and certainly will introduce your company to my friends. I greatly appreciate your help with the efficient scheduling of my order. I'm sure it will be a surprise for her with a 100 top quality red roses.  It is definitely money well spent. Have a great weekend! Best Regards, Ray 
Hi Jean & Steve! Thank you very much - you didn't have to do that! I'll do future business with you - you have a very good web site! Best regards, Harlan 
Hi Jean & Steve,  Jean did get her flowers on time, and they were soo perfect. She called me on my phone and was crying about how beautiful her "surprize" was. She loved the flowers. Thank you again, for all ur help. As I said in the lost e-mail, looking at the "big picture" or the whole beautiful story of me and Jean, ur business, has been a big part of our relationship. Thanks again. Plz let me know the difference I owe you, for the delivery charge. I will be glad to pay the difference. Thanks for being there 1/2 way around the world when I need help. I am so glad I found ur business. When me and my "Jean" return to the Philippines next year, it would be great if me and jean could visit ur business and meet you. Have a great day, Mabuhay Al 
Dear Jean, Just have to say thank you for the Idea on the flowers! She really loved the jewelry you sent her! I have to say I have had nothing but great amount of success when dealing with you and you have been great to deal with. Although I don't knowe anyone who is in love with a filipina, though I wish they knew how wonderful its been for me with Anna, I will recommend you to anyone that is buying a gift for someone! Thank you again for your excellence and I look forward to future business again thanks Doug
Steve, Lara told me to tell you her flowers for her birthday were the best yet. John
Thank you Jean for all your help, I gave her a call to talk to her and like you said I ask if she . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
   Take Care and I am sorry to bother you with these things but I felt you were the best person to ask. You have been very kind and I feel like I have very good friends in you and Steve that I can ask these difficult questions. Thanks again W___
Hi Jean, thanks for the quick reply. Jen was thrilled with the Valentine's gift, just wish I could have been there to give it to her in person! Bren
Sterling Silver Pendant and Necklace is a high quality imported necklace.  Jean
She got it, Jean. And very happy too. Thank you very much. Nice to do business with you. Max  
This is my 3rd or 4th time ordering and every time, delivery is on-time. That's why I continue to order. Scott 
Hi Jean...have read all your e-book and watched three of your DVDs. Now really want to make a visit there. Are you still able to organize accommodations, transport and most important a great guide? I can arrange my own flights. I plan to leave on 19th April fly via Hong Kong stopover 2-3 days then fly to Cebu stay 6 days then return 28th vai Hong Kong again. Sorry I haven't written to anyone there yet, primarily just want to experience your culture, then  I will come back to you if things look exciting. After the normal tourist "stuff" in Cebu would love to go out into the "provinces" looks much more interesting, really not into the nite-life at all and maybe a day-trip to Bohol. Really appreciate any  assistance you can provide . Prefer if you quote everything in PI peso's save me converting twice. Thank you Jean.  PS ...the website's great, the e-book was great, the dvds were real good  anddd the bikini photo is awesome!! PSS and pic of me so you know who your "talking " to.. thanks Ev     
Click for a similar one dozen bouquet available year round. Jean
Jean, she loved the arrangement and beautiful colors. Your roses always look better than other florists. Thanks for making the Easter mix for me.  Jim
Hello Jean, I am sorry about the misunderstanding. I know you changed the order from the other arrangement that I originally ordered to meet the before Easter deadline. I thought that it was just the flowers being changed and the chocolates would be included with the roses. That is right you refunded me the money for the chocolates. My mistake, thanks for clearing that up you are a big help as always. Yes, I want to do something very special for her family for having stay in their home. I know building a room for me is a lot of work and cost them money. Like you said I want to help them out however I can. That would be great if at a later date you could give me some good ideas about gifts. Again sorry about the mix up I just didn't understand. Thanks again for always being there and helping out on any questions I need help with. Your advice is always so great. God Bless everyone - family and friends. Wil.  P.S. I will place a new order for the chocolates later thanks.
Thank you Jean for all your help. It is very nice to know good people you can ask questions about your country. Thanks for all your help with the gifts too. William 
thanks jean. the card message you wrote for me was fine. I appreciate it. she was so happy you would not believe it! thanks again. dale
LOL, no problem Jean, I'm probably a thorn sometimes. Thanks for everything, M_ was very happy and surprised. She's never gotten roses except the 2 times I sent to her. Thanks so much. By the way, I love the Philippine folk music CD you sent me, very relaxing and pretty, thanks, Bob 

Salamat po, You did not have to do a refund that was very kind of you, and thanks so much for the blessings also.   Brian

Hello Steve, Thanks for your HONEST advice about Remithome.... I called D__ to ask her about you using her photo on your website and she was sooooooo excited and proud. I myself am so proud to have met her on the internet ...she is such a honest and sincere woman with a really good heart . We got engaged when I was in the Philippines in December of 2006 and we have started the visa paper work already ...I hope she will be with me in August for my birthday.. Thanks again for everything and good luck with your business........Michael
Hi Jean, How are you? Hope fine. Time for our 18th month anniversary with S__. Do I have more roses left on my 6 month plan? If not I will renew for another 6 months. Really works well and S__ enjoys it. Gerald
Hello Jean & Steve, D_`s flowers are still beautiful to this day ...she is soooo happy with them thank you so much for the excellent quality of flowers. Here is her picture with the flowers.   I had a question to ask you ..have you ever done any business with Remithome ..I was using xoom that you had recommended and I really liked them but remithome has even lower charges has a flat rate no matter how much you send . I was unsure about remithome because when I went to become a member they were asking for social security number and also my driver license number...I thought this was maybe to much information to give over the internet...Do you know of Remithome and are they safe ??? Thanks for your help....Michael
Jean, I am willing to forget the package for __.  Seriously it may not be worth your time and effort. However, if you want to stay on the project that is fine with me also. I have nothing but praise for you and your company!!!  Your follow-up and service is great!!!  I'll leave the final decision in your hands. Rex 
Dear sirs, Maam, I am just writing with heartfelt thanks for your services. The flowers arrived early thursday morning in The Philippines and made someone very special to me smile again.  I will certainly use your services again.  Many, many thanks.  Blessings, Philip.
Hello I would like to thank you for the big surprise my cousin got when she recieved the gift. It did actually turn out to be a brown bear. She was really surprised and she began asking alot of questions before I gave in and confessed. Question I have is do you deliver to Australia? If you do not do you have any good places which will deliver to Australia purchasing over the internet. My birthday is coming up soon and my cousin is asking me if she can do the same. Unfortunatly it wont be a big surprise but what she sends me will be a surprise. Mark 
Hello Steve & Jean: This is more than reasonable and will keep my business going forward. Plenty of birthdays and other times I will need gifts sent. Thank you for your dedication to resolving this issue. Regards, Bryan B
Hi Jean, I wish I had read you ebook earlier. It would have saved me a lot of money and heartache. I would probably be married by now. God bless you. Tom
BiG Bear is a favorite gift for ALL ages!
 Thank you for making us very good customers. I will be able to let you know __ is my cousin but I am remaining anonamous until she figures it you. Thanx I would like white also. I can picture it in my mind that it would be cuter. Thank you for all your support and well she will be looking forward to it tomorrow. If you can let me know once she recieves it that would be great. I will continue to do my future shopping with you. Mark D
Hello, thank you for your attention, __ received the roses and was very happy!  She showed them to me on the camera and they were very lovely. Thank you for the upgraded roses they are in deed the best!  I will be sure to order the "diplomatics" in the future. Thank you again for your excellent service and personal detail. I definitely plan on ordering from you in the near future. Take care, Brian S. 
 Hi Jean & Steve, Well I must say you have really made M__'s Valentine Day one that she will never forget. I spoke with her tonight, she cried for joy, she told me she has never been this happy before. The efforts that you have made go beyond just selling your flowers, you have shown me you really care about people and that is very important. I must congratulate you once again and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my fiancée the happy lady she is tonight. God Bless you both, Kind Regards, L
Hello Just wanted to say thank you....the roses were a BIG hit. Chris
Hi, just saying thanks for helping people like me.  With your service i have found something good. Raf  
Hi Jean, I oreder from this site before and i really like how it was done. I will continue to order from here. Brad
You guys are doing great. The prices are very affordable compared to the other online stores.  Roy 
Hello, I like the site and thanks for the personal follow up. Brian S.
I really enjoy your service. Salamat po  John
Hi Jean, Thanks for your advice about ordering and delivering early for Valentines. David 
Fast, good service.  Nat    
Jean, Steve, I really appreciate it. Will let you know. You are the best and my sole supplier... thanks... Happy Valentine's!  Jeff 
These are our long lasting "Diplomatic variety" large bloom reds that have won so many awards. Absolutely stunning.
Mabuhay Jean & Steve, Thank you so much for the upgrade on the roses. The roses were well received and unexpected. Yes indeed, Grace was overwhelmed with joy and said she shed tears of happiness. Wow! that really made our day special, though I could not be there to share the moment, I can feel it spiritually. Thanks again. Will keep you in mind for future flower orders for sure. Sincerely, Jerry  
Hello Jean, Much Mahalo for your efforts to assist me with my delivery woes. I really do appreciate all that you have done. You have earned my future business. Aloha, Mahalo and Mabuhay, Gordon H.  
 Hello Jean, Salamat for all your kind efforts to assist me with this address change problem. A million apologies for all this craziness during such a stressful week! But please accept my gratitude for all your gracious efforts! Aloha, Mahalo and Salamat! Gordon H
May I congratulate you on your company’s success . Thank you for your email and keep up the good work. JT 
Hello Jean, I have decided to cancel my order. I appreciate you following up with me, I will not hesitate to use your service in the future. Take care. Ryan 
Mabuhay Jean and Steve, Thank You so very much for your quick response - all the info is correct. I really appreciate doing business with you as always. Please have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, and I pray God richly blesses you and your business. THANKS AGAIN, BLESSINGS, ALLEN G.  
Mabuhay Jean, I'm very well today, thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm glad that I ordered this a little early, instead of the very last minute. I will admit the ordering process has always had me a bit confused, but it makes more sense now...thank you for explaining. I fully understand the need to pass on at least a portion of the increases. I know the color change of the roses may be a bit unusual, but I appreciate you working that out. Thank you very much. Oh yes, the address and contact number are correct. Sincerely, James K.
Jean: Wow  Thank You Very Much!  Mike
Hi Jean, I know you feel bad, but I know you did your part and very professionally too! This is why I come back here to order because of your caring and professionalism you put into everything. The problem lies in LBC.  And I do not blame them for closing for the holidays either...we all want to be with family at this time. A__ said the phone is now working again at the cafe and she also has her cell if they need to call. Thank you for your wishes for A__ and me .... We wish the same for you and Steve also in the new year!!! Your friend also, Ron
Hi Jean & Steve, May I firstly thank you for such amazing service. As for the delivery date the flowers are a surprise and as such January the 3rd will be fine as are your address amendments. Once again thanks for your help and may I wish you and your staff a very happy New Year. Jim


We now have hundreds of items in our  Gift Shop  - - let me know how you like it.  Jean 
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For flower delivery in Other Countries than the Philippines.

Be sure to read terms and conditions, and check to confirm we deliver to the town you want.  After you check out you should be automatically taken to our delivery information form.  






Inexpensive flowers roses delivered all over the Philippines islands provinces

PCFC is considered the largest single producer of quality roses in the Philippines.
Our 24 bouquet supplier, Philippine Cut Flower Corporation, cultivates a wide range of varieties and colors of internationally known European roses. With over 15 years experience in growing the best quality flowers you can be sure that your order is in safe hands.
roses are available all-year-round
Greeting Card
Let our Greeting card deliver your message of love. Our postcard style greeting cards can accommodate up to 50 words to express your deepest affections. Here are your fresh roses from Everlasting Love Roses
Our quality stylish shipping box is specially designed to get your flowers safely to their destination!
Floral Tube
Each stem is preserved in water with its very own floral tube to make sure it gets to your loved one in perfect condition.

Professional delivery by DHL in Metro Manila and LBC for the Provinces

We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday in Provincial areas and daily in Metro Manila.  We outsource our delivery to professional couriers.  DHL handles all Metro Manila deliveries and LBC for provincial areas.  The official time of our courier deliveries, whether in Metro Manila or the provinces, is from 11 am to 5 pm, sometimes extending to 7 pm for some uncontrollable reasons like heavy traffic or heavy volume of deliveries. One thing though, we can't be time-specific with the deliveries. We give our courier enough time for their own processing and documentation requirements.  That is why we need at least 2 full business days notice when you order.

For your reference please look for LBC's covered delivery areas.  This will open up to a map of the Philippine islands, then click the button on the Luzon , Visayas or Mindanao region, and further on, the list of provinces, and finally the town or city. There are several names of barrios listed within the city and please check if your delivery area is one of them.  We deliver to over 90% of Filipinos so you will most likely find your destination listed.


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