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For generations, the rose has traditionally been the favorite symbol for love and beauty. Whether giving to a loved one or simply purchasing for your own pleasure, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy our collection of the freshest cut roses straight from the farm.
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Mother's Day a Thousand Years Ago ... or More  

The custom of honoring mothers with a family get-together, specially crafted projects and floral gifts actually began thousands of years ago.

Long before men learned to write, they were asking questions about the events of everyday life. Why did the sun rise in the east each morning and why was the sky filled with stars after dark? Soon people began weaving wonderful stories about gods and goddesses who moved the sun across the heavens and twinkled the stars at night. Year after year, they added new elements to their stories. Today we call these stories myths.

It is believed that the first myths about Mother's Day celebrations and gifting were told by the ancient people of Phrygia in Asia Minor. The most important goddess of all was Cybele, the daughter of Heaven and Earth. She was the Mother of all gods. Once a year, the people of Phrygia held a joyous festival to honor Cybele. A designated area of the town was decorated with beautiful arrangements of fresh roses, multi- colored flowers and tribal ornaments. Many people attended and good food, music, dancing and fellowship were plentiful. History dictates this was the first celebration to honor a Mother and when the men of Phrygia visited other countries, they told about their Mother goddess and this celebration.

In their travels they found the Romans also had a Mother of all gods. She was Magna Mater or Great Mother. Each year, beginning on the fifteenth of March, there was a three-day celebration to honor her called the Festival of Hilaria. People brought gifts to the temple, built in praise of this powerful Mother goddess. In time, Christianity brought many changes to Rome. No longer was the Mother goddess honored. Instead, a celebration was held to honor "Mother Church."

On the fourth Sunday of Lent, gifts of roses, jewels and precious metals were taken to the "Mother Church" where the worshipers had been baptized. During the Middle Ages, the entire family attended church together. After church, the minister gave the children bunches of purple violets and red roses to present to their mothers. Today we celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May based on a proclamation by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. Wilson's action was motivated by the efforts of Anna Jarvis whose mother supported the concept of a day to honor all mothers as a way to bring about the end to the hatred between North and South at the end of the Civil War in 1864. Her feeling was that brothers would forget about fighting each other in the course of honoring their mothers.

Although traditions vary greatly and have changed over the years, flowers, especially roses, have always been considered the signature flower for telling Mom, "I love you," "Thanks for all you have done for me," and "You're the best."

Roses can be purchased in various quantities to fit any budget. One, three or five blooms can carry many glad tidings and build memories for you, your mother, grandmother and mother-in-law. Start your Mother's Day tradition and memories today by ordering lovingly grown roses from your local florist.

Information Provided Courtesy of Roses Inc., P.O. Box 99, Haslett, MI 48840

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