My personal search service is my favorite as I enjoy talking with women about romance and when I find good match, I get as excited as girl.  Before I can begin personal search I would need more information about you and details of characteristics of lady you seek.   I only accept search requests when I feel search will be success.
During search I approach women who meet your physical requirements.  If she interested in foreign gentlemen in general, we go to quiet place for discussion or interview.  During this time I find out if she good match for the personality, belief and situation requirements you desire.  If she good match, then I tell her of you and your personal information and show photo if you provide. 
@^-^@   When I find good match, I get as excited as girl  @^-^@ Then, if she seem sincere in interest, I get her contact information and take photo of her if agreeable.  If you approve, I also give her your contact information.  Another step (if you approve) is if she not interested personally but know girl that fit match criteria then I give her your information to give to her friend (this part optional, but available at no extra charge).  My focus is on quality of match not big number of girls to write as you not have time for that.  Better to write a few good matches than many so-so matches.  Do you agree?  
The time is greater than it sounds as two months do not start until introduction material is ready and then I begin formal search.  In past my searches are big success but I just me so I can not make guarantee except I
try my best.
In past my successes include mostly normal boy / girl matches but also more difficult searches such as: with big age difference; disabilities; and one with facial birth defect. I even made match with beauty queen.  Yours, may be simple, but I not know all facts yet.   
Most clients prefer privacy but as examples look at Mary, Lotis, Pearly and Bry's photos on bride page of website.  The two women at bottom right are engaged or married to gentlemen that wrote to them because of profile listed on my  website. The others were search successes and this just few that let me keep photo on site after engagement.  Two have links to letters from fiancées announcing engagement.
If we decide to do personal search, the total fee is just $675US ($200 for compliance cost of new law).   In addition, if you want to, I will show you original application of any woman listed on my website: SECTIONS  I  &  II   
Please send info about you and woman you desire