This unconventional language-learning series offers games and quizzes that make the learning process fun, relaxing, and, as such, more successful. Ideal for beginners, Talk Now! Tagalog (Filipino) includes such topics as vocabulary, phrases, culture, and more.  ENTER my Monthly GIVEAWAY  below!  Jean

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1. Tagalog language learning software
Study vocabulary, phrases, culture, and more
Recording tool lets you practice with native speakers
Games and challenging quizzes make learning fun
On-screen help available in more than 70 languages 
Amazon.com Product Description
This unconventional language-learning series offers games and quizzes that make the learning process fun, relaxing, and, as such, more successful. Ideal for beginners, Talk Now! Tagalog (Filipino) includes such topics as vocabulary, phrases, culture, and more. A handy print and picture dictionary produces entries with both text and pictorial references. This interactive software title also features a recording tool, so you can compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers (microphone required). Quizzes and a challenging memory game let you test your newly acquired skills. You can also track your scores and print awards to celebrate. Best of all, you can change Talk Now! Tagalog's onscreen help and menus to the language of your choice. With more than 70 languages from which to choose, this software makes learning Tagalog accessible to everyone. 
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